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Future residents of The Dempsey, a new multi-family complex off I-565, will be able to enjoy 24/7 access to a world-class infrared fitness studio. HOTWORX, a concept offering exercise programs within patented infrared saunas, will bring its unique blend of virtually instructed exercise and proven results to the site in Q3 2023. Owner Derrick Williams will be operating the new franchise location in Madison and looks forward to setting members up with a program that helped him turn his own health around.

“I think it’s important to believe in the program you’re sharing,” said Derrick. “After three years as a member of HOTWORX, I was able to get off blood pressure medication, lower my blood sugar, and get myself to a healthy weight. The infrared saunas made a difference in my workouts—I saw results. Because of my incredible experience, I was motivated to open my own HOTWORX studio when the opportunity presented itself. Now, I’m excited to share that we will be opening at The Dempsey later this year.”

Photo Credit: HOTWORX Website

HOTWORX is a fitness studio that gives members the benefit of working out in an infrared sauna. Workout programs are observed virtually within each sauna where heat penetrates the body causing more sweat. According to HOTWORX, this combined with isometric postures helps to “further accelerate detoxification by physically removing the toxins from organs through muscle concentration.” Simply put, the programs are designed to speed up your metabolism, activate the regenerative process, reduce cellulite, improve circulation, and maximize calorie burn.

“Within each sauna, guests will be able to select a virtually guided exercise program,” said Derrick. “This makes it possible for members to work out any time of day—they don’t have to match their busy schedules to an instructor. HOTWORX specializes in two types of exercise, Isometrics and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).”

Photo Credit: HOTWORX Website

Guests can select from a variety of sessions including Hot Yoga, Hot Barre None, Hot Pilates, Hot Core, Hot Row, Hot Cycle, and more. All are designed with HOTWORX’s 3D Training Method in mind: Heat + Infrared + Fitness = maximum results. HOTWORX encourages cross-training with its Functional Training Zone, a gym-style space with dumbbells, suspension trainers, medicine balls, a cable machine, and other equipment.

Photo Credit: HOTWORX Website

When asked why he chose The Dempsey as the next HOTWORX location, Derrick said the area’s growth, surrounding businesses, and community focus are what attracted him the most.

“There were several places available to me that would have worked for the concept,” said Derrick. “But none of them fit as well as The Dempsey. It’s so close to the booming Town Madison, Toyota Field, and residential communities. Plus, we will be easily accessible to the many residents on site.”

The Dempsey

Andy Vance, Senior Vice President of Novare Group, said the team at The Dempsey can’t wait to welcome HOTWORX to the development.

“We are thrilled to have HOTWORX as a retail tenant at The Dempsey,” he said. “This is a best-in-class fitness concept that has seen significant expansion across the country. HOTWORX is exactly the type of tenant we seek when developing our mixed-use projects. Our residents and people from the Madison area will enjoy having easy access to such a stellar gym.”

Photo Credit: HOTWORX Website

As of 2021, the HOTWORX brand granted over 1,000 franchise licenses. Currently, the brand has more than 460 locations open and close to 300 units in the active opening pipeline and another 490 in the early development stages.

For more information about HOTWORX, visit Each studio has its own Instagram page where members can follow and encourage others on their fitness journey.

Photo Credit: HOTWORX Website

Interested in retail leasing at The Dempsey? Contact Anusha Alapati Davis, Crunkleton’s Vice President of Retail at or call 256.384.7608. She helped Derrick with securing his space for HOTWORX and she can help you too! The Dempsey has additional retail space and live/work spaces available.

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