Property Management

We offer full-service property management for all sectors of commercial real estate throughout the Southeast and the Huntsville, Alabama, region and currently manage a diverse portfolio consisting of retail, office, medical, and industrial. We focus on providing first-class management services that increase tenant retention and rental rates while keeping operating cost at or below market rates. This leads to enhanced property values and peace of mind.

We currently manage:






Total Square Footage

Property Management Services

Building Operations

We’ll monitor vendors on a regular basis to ensure timeliness, adequacy, and thoroughness of the provided services as well as inspect the property at least once a month to ensure tenant satisfaction.

Property Accounting

We’ll provide in-house accounting to record the monthly income and expenses for each property

Contract Management

We’ll negotiate and manage all vendor contracts to ensure all services are being rendered in accordance with the contract agreement and that all vendors are properly licensed and insured.

Vendor Negotiations

We’ll bid and review all vendor services necessary for the daily operation of the property to ensure your space receives the best services at the lowest operating cost.

Tenant/Owner Liaison

We’ll act as the go-between for all tenant and owner communications, fielding all maintenance requests and listening to tenant feedback to ensure quality control and tenant retention.

Lease Administration

We’ll administer all leases to make sure tenants are abiding by the terms set forth in their agreements; this includes collection of rent, maintenance by the tenant, and tenant use of the premises.

Financial Reporting

We’ll provide detailed financial reports that include: monthly comparisons of actual vs. budgeted expenses, annual budget reviews, cash flow projections, a detailed rent roll, balance sheets, and aging reports.

Construction Management

We can also offer construction management services to ensure a quick, robust, and cost-effective construction process.