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In September 2020, we announced that the historic Lincoln Mill on Meridian Street would be undergoing a major redevelopment that would introduce new amenities and usher the property into a new era. A lot has happened since construction officially began in May 2020. One of the most visible improvements is the addition of a new parking lot at the front of the property that makes it much more convenient for on-site employees and guests of the development when they visit.

But there is much more to the renovation that can’t be seen when driving by. Today, we are going to show you some of the progress that has been made inside the building and around the campus. Construction is still ongoing, and the photos below reflect the renovations that have happened so far. We will continue to update you as the campus evolves and show you the many halls, rooms, and amenities that transform along the way.

This is not an exhaustive list of construction updates throughout the campus—just the current highlights. Renovations are happening on every floor and at the Dye House as well.

One of the first improvements to take place was a much-needed paint job for the main building. The exterior now has a more modern look and has added additional on-site security and exterior lighting.


The South Lobby of the campus has seen dramatic updates. As you enter, you will notice a brand-new automatic door with upgraded access controls that gives you a glimpse into the newly furnished lobby with a digital directory. Speakers with ambient music have also been added to make the lobby more welcoming and comfortable. In addition, bathrooms in the South Lobby have seen a vast improvement through remodeling.

Walls have been removed to enhance natural light throughout the space, modern light fixtures have been added, and a fresh paint job provides a renewed look to a lobby that was once filled with shadows.

As you continue to walk to the basement storage units, you will see new flooring and an updated elevator cab with a sleek finish.

On the other side of the main building, in the North Lobby, similar modifications have taken place. This lobby has been improved with access to more natural lighting—thanks to giant windows—additional space, new lighting fixtures, a matching digital directory, and a paint job that complements the rest of the campus and its new aesthetic.

Lincoln Mill will continue to change as construction moves forward. Some of the items not pictured include remodeled bathrooms, widened hallways, office buildouts, renovations at the Dye House for upcoming retail/food & beverage tenants, and much more.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on Lincoln Mill! If you’re interested in bringing your business to the campus, contact Eric St. John, CCIM, for office leasing inquires ( and Anusha Alapati Davis for retail leasing (

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