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The experience at Heritage Kitchen + Bath starts the moment you walk through the door. A kind attendant will greet you before ushering you to an open office space near the entrance. There, an interiors expert will gauge your needs, go over design options, look at mood boards, and make a plan for finding your perfect decorative plumbing. All of this happens before you’re taken to the showroom where you’ll find features that turn houses into homes.

Lincoln Mill Dye House entrance to Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

Lincoln Mill Dye House entrance to Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

Lobby of Heritage Kitchen + Bath at Lincoln Mill.

“At Heritage, we know how stressful the home-building process can be,” said Showroom Manager, Heather Herrington. “That’s why we want to provide a different kind of experience—one where people leave feeling optimistic about their future homes. We are with our clients from beginning to end. We’re trying to create a partnership that will help our clientele find the most beautiful and functional plumbing and bathroom fixtures that fit every style and budget.”

Bathtub fountain at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

Inventory at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

Heritage Kitchen + Bath opened its first showroom on Washington Street in Downtown Huntsville in 2018. Growth and opportunity led the team to relocate to Lincoln Mill in 2021—a space that expanded its showroom, added consultation offices, included a retail component, and made it possible for guests to try items before purchasing. Their new showroom at Lincoln Mill’s historic Dye House is now open, and they are excited to be part of the growing district.

Rohl fixtures at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

“We are thrilled with the new space,” said Heather. “Our bathtub fountain was the first feature we created. It’s therapeutic for us to listen to the water and it’s a creative way for us to showcase what we can offer. Of course, we love the many windows, high ceilings, and overall open feel.”

Working displays were a big part of the plan going forward. The back of the showroom features two working bathrooms with a steam shower and hydrotherapy tub that can be reserved for use.

Working displays at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

Inventory at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

“If you’re going to make a large investment in something, it would be great to experience it before buying,” said Heather. “Both our hydrotherapy tub with MicroSilk technology and our Mr. Steam shower are equipped with all the latest technology like Bluetooth speakers and chromotherapy (color therapy). Our steam unit even has built-in aromatherapy and wireless connectivity.”

Waiting room at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

It isn’t just new home builders that Heritage caters to. They also have a robust client base of designers, contractors, and architects. Heritage has something to offer everyone as the decorative side of GLS Supply—its parent company. Heather and the team believe that Lincoln Mill is the perfect home base for operations and will fit in well with the surrounding businesses.

In addition to its showroom, Heritage now has a small retail area at its entrance so guests can shop for home décor items like candles, design books, bathrobes, towels, kitchen items, and more.

Retail area at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

“We wanted to give customers the option of taking something home with them after their visit,” said Heather. “They can remember us and maybe tell friends about us. Everyone could use a cozy bathrobe!”

More than anything, Heritage is there to help its clients find the fixtures that they are going to use daily for years to come.

Retail items at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

“Your home is such an important space, and we want to help people create something they can have pride in and enjoy,” said Heather. “It’s always an honor to be a small part of turning a house into a home, and we want to make the experience as enjoyable, fun, and cost-effective as possible.”

Head over to Lincoln Mill and see the space for yourself. Heritage Kitchen + Bath’s hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. While you’re there, you can also visit nearby tenants Turbo Coffee, Fusion BBQ, Three15 Studio, and Iron Tribe Fitness.

Kitchen items for sale at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.

To learn more about Heritage Kitchen + Bath, read our post from 2021. You can also visit to book a design consultation.

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Retail shop at Heritage Kitchen + Bath.
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