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Over the years, we have shared a lot about our company with clients and the community. If you’re a Huntsvillian, you have likely seen our signs as you’ve driven down the road. We’ve been honored to work with some of the most talented and well-known professionals within the commercial real estate industry. Furthermore, we have had the privilege of representing and collaborating with several passionate business owners, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, property owners, medical professionals, bankers, developers—the list goes on.

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Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate has evolved in many ways since its founding in the early 2000s. More services, projects, and team members have been added to create a cohesive and positive experience for clientele. We work hard to help them achieve their goals and do our best to stay connected to our community. From the initial meeting to the first day of a client’s business opening, we are there to support.

Throughout our history, we have noticed there are some misconceptions about our business. For instance, many are surprised to hear we are a small operation. There are only 12 employees at Crunkleton, each with a specific role to fill. We’ve heard, “I thought you had around 40-50 employees,” more than once. So, we thought it was time to help you get to know us a little better.

Here are 5 common misconceptions about Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate:

A sample of our listings in North Alabama.
  1. False: Crunkleton only does business in downtown Huntsville.

Yes, we work with many projects in the downtown Huntsville area. Our Founder and Principal, Wesley Crunkleton, has a passion for redeveloping older properties in and around the downtown area. However, we handle business in all areas of the Rocket City, Madison, Decatur, Hartselle, Gadsden, Athens, Florence, Hazel Green, Meridianville, and others. Our brokers are licensed to do business in three states: Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and we’ve done business in all of them at one time or another.

  1. False: If you see a Crunkleton sign, that means we own the property.

Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate does not own any properties—we are strictly a services company. We are here to help our clients sell, lease, or manage a property. If you see one of our signs, it is because we are working on behalf of the actual ownership or tenant. It may be a property we are co-developing, a property owner in need of day-to-day management, or a landlord who needs help leasing an office space. Whatever the case, a Crunkleton sign does not indicate that we are owners of that building, land, or business.

  1. False: Crunkleton is a large firm made up of many employees.

As stated before, Crunkleton is a small boutique commercial real estate firm that is made up of 12 full-time employees. Each of our members has a specific role such as a broker, property manager, marketer, building engineer, office manager, or leasing administrator. In addition, our brokers focus on specific industries to provide more nuanced insight into office and retail real estate. A firm this size means we work closely together to reach our organizational goals and our communication is constant. Our company culture thrives because we have dedicated employees who ensure tasks are completed and clients are taken care of.

  1. False: The company only handles office and retail leasing.

If you’ve seen Crunkleton in the local news, it was probably related to a new restaurant, retail development, or major office complex that’s getting a lot of attention. It’s true—we are involved with a ton of fun projects that people enjoy and get excited about. But our expertise doesn’t end at office and retail. We also handle land deals, industrial properties, warehouse listings, flex spaces, medical facilities, and much more. You can view our entire portfolio by visiting our website’s property page.

  1. False: Our founders are originally from Huntsville.

Because Crunkleton was founded in Huntsville, many assume that our founders were born and raised in the Rocket City. In reality, Richard and Wesley Crunkleton were born in another state and raised outside of Huntsville. They also had established careers outside of the city before creating a home here. Richard discovered his love for commercial real estate in his 50s and began taking on more projects, which led to a full-time career.

Wesley Crunkleton was working at another commercial real estate firm in Birmingham, Ala., before relocating to Huntsville for a specific project. The father and son both served as founders of the business and knew Huntsville was a wonderful area because it was primed for growth. Since then, the Crunkleton team has heavily invested in the city and looks forward to many more years serving the Huntsville community.

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