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Meet the newest member of the Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate team, A’mya Thurman. Our former Office Manager, Emily Moneypenny, was promoted to Operations Manager where she assists the property management team with day-to-day operations. This meant that the Administrative Assistant position was open to new talent.

A’mya has been an excellent addition to the team bringing experience in property management, communications, and marketing. She’s using her skills to manage schedules, assist in research, help create marketing materials, and keep the office organized and efficient.

We recently sat down with A’mya to discuss her new position as Administrative Assistant, what she loves about the job, and her goals for the future.

Tell us about your education.

Growing up, I experienced a mix of public school and homeschooling. After completing my homeschool program I took a gap year and did some traveling and working. My university education began at Calhoun Community College where I completed my basics and then transferred to the University of Alabama where I pursued a degree in marketing and communications. I also hold certifications in data analytics.

Why were you interested in a position at Crunkleton?

I did a lot of research beforehand by looking at the website and seeing how Crunkleton impacts the community. It seemed very interesting to me because I had thought about real estate before. I spent two years in HOA property management as a compliance manager, board communicator, and property transitions coordinator. I have a goal of getting my broker license in the future and this is the ideal place to do it. I get to learn as I go.

What does your day look like as the Administrative Assistant?

It depends on the day! I help operations flow smoothly by managing meeting schedules, keeping files organized, helping the property management team with certain projects, enhancing internal communication, and working with the marketing director on creating collateral. It depends on the broker, the property, and the task. Every project is unique, which is something I enjoy.

What are some qualities or skills that are important in your position?

There’s a lot of juggling when it comes to different tasks. So, I’d have to say it’s important to know how to organize your time. Many days, there will be several people who need something at once—it’s my job to make sure it gets done on time. I would also say it’s important to keep your mind on the big picture. My job involves a lot of smaller tasks, but keeping my eyes on how they come together in the end makes each one more important. It’s critical that I keep on top of everything.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I feel like I have a few. I enjoy the marketing tasks and I love organizing. Some people call me a neat freak and I’d have to agree with them. Things run smoothly when everything is well organized.

What do you like to do in your free time?

 For a while, I have been using my weekends to grow a side business I have for lash extensions. I love to travel. I go fishing whenever I can. When I have a quiet day to myself, I read self-help books. My favorite thing to do, however, is spend time with my daughter and fiancé.

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