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Chattanooga-based company, High Point Climbing and Fitness, is set to bring more world-class climbing to Huntsville with the addition of a new climbing and training facility just north of the city center. This new site will be located within the historic Lincoln Mill development and offer area climbers around 11,000 square feet of bouldering terrain and training space. The new High Point location will also feature hydraulically adjustable training walls and a full pro-shop stocked with all the top brands of climbing equipment. High Point’s new Huntsville facility is slated to open by the end of 2022.

Photo credit: High Point Climbing and Fitness

High Point’s new Lincoln Mill site will complement its MidCity location by offering climbers a wider variety of terrain to climb and train with. Owners and Partners Johnny O’Brien and John Wiygul stressed the importance of adding as much value to their memberships and guest experiences as possible.

“With our multi-gym memberships, climbers will have the ability to utilize both facilities here in Huntsville,” said Wiygul. “Having the choice to drive across town to switch up a fitness routine or simply focus on something new is a game-changer. We are extremely excited about the flexibility and resources that this new training facility will bring to the area.”

Lincoln Mill was chosen as the new location because High Point believes its unique character, historical significance, and easy accessibility make it a winning combination.

Photo credit: High Point Climbing and Fitness

“Historic buildings like Lincoln Mill offer a certain characteristic that is difficult to replicate through new construction,” said Wiygul. “The design, materials, craftsmanship, and history hold a certain weight that we wanted to be reflected in our facility. We want people to walk in and recognize that this training facility can be the foundation for their climbing and fitness goals.”

High Point also plans to utilize its new Lincoln Mill location to jumpstart the area’s competitive climbing scene. With the sport of rock climbing making its Olympic debut this year, they have seen climbing explode in popularity. They aim to offer youth and adult climbing teams the very best in all its markets and believe this new training facility will take Huntsville to the next level.

Photo credit: High Point Climbing and Fitness

“High Point at Lincoln Mill will be a bit different than the other facilities as it is meant to complement our other Huntsville location,” said O’Brien. “The new site will focus solely on providing world-class training space for area climbers to hone their skills. The Rocket City has a very diverse climbing community, and our goal is to provide them with the tools and resources they need to grow. Climbers that want to push themselves will feel at home there.”

“Huntsville’s market has shown an increasing interest in wellness and fitness concepts over the last few years,” said Anusha Alapati Davis, Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate’s VP of Retail. “High Point is a climbing gym that has something for every skill level—you don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to participate. Climbing is a mental and physical challenge that our city has fully embraced at High Point’s current site. The new facility is the next step in serving Huntsville by creating unique, fun experiences that center around fitness and activity.”

Anusha also said that Lincoln Mill has a few retail spaces left. Any concept interested in joining the development can contact her directly at or by calling 256-384-7608.

Photo credit: High Point Climbing and Fitness

High Point is the largest operator in the southeast with the new gym at Lincoln Mill being the company’s 7th location, adding to their other climbing and fitness facilities in Chattanooga, Birmingham, Memphis, and Cleveland, Tenn.

“When our members and guests get together to climb, no matter their strength or experience level, you end up with a wonderful and supportive group of people,” said O’Brien. “We want to use our facilities to create more experiences like that. We look forward to opening our new site at Lincoln Mill.”

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