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As construction and renovations at the historic Lincoln Mill property progress, more businesses are becoming interested in joining its campus. This week, Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate is happy to share the next tenant that will be opening at the property. THREE15, a Birmingham-based fitness concept, plans to open a studio on-site in Q3 2021. This 2,100 SF studio will function as a three-in-one fitness boutique offering classes that combine cycling, strength training, and barre exercises designed to keep members entertained, motivated, and successful.

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Owner and creator of THREE15, Mandy Moseley, developed the studio in 2017 and opened its first location in the Homewood neighborhood of Birmingham. It was not long before the company’s popularity warranted a second location in The Magic City and a third in Tuscaloosa. Mandy said adding a site in Huntsville is the next step of growing the brand, as it will be the first studio in North Alabama.

“THREE15 was created to help its members get the benefits of three boutiques in one,” explained Moseley. “When I began searching for a concept that fit my fitness goals, I wasn’t able to find anything that I fell in love with. I was encouraged to develop my own concept that encompassed all of the many exercises I wanted in a workout—cycling, barre, and strength training. Bringing THREE15 to life has been a rewarding experience in more ways than one.”

When asked why she chose Lincoln Mill as the location of the new studio, Moseley said the site had the unique character the brand was looking for. After hearing about the property’s redevelopment plans, she knew it was a perfect fit.

“Lincoln Mill was one of the first places I looked at in Huntsville,” said Moseley. “I continued to look around the city but I found myself comparing every other site to it. After speaking with the Crunkleton team, I became very excited about the vision for the property and signing the lease was an easy decision. It’s close to everything, easy to get to, and it will give me the flexibility to make the studio exactly how I want it.”

Photo provided by THREE15.

Monotony is something you will never encounter at THREE15. Every class combines 15 minutes of cycling, 15 minutes of barre, and 15 minutes of strength training into one dynamic class. THREE15 also offers a variety of class types, including their cycle-only option “RIDE,” as well as extended class options and express versions of each class.

“One of the challenges I wanted to overcome when creating my own studio was making sure people didn’t get bored in class,” said Moseley. “We cater to clientele who are looking for workouts that combine routines, change up moves, and keep them on their toes. We also help our members focus on the strength inside—people are capable of much more than they give themselves credit for, and we are there to motivate them along the way.”

THREE15 focuses on bringing back the fun to workouts and making each session enjoyable, as it is productive. Its upscale modern atmosphere adds to its laidback vibe.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable during their workouts and we’ve made sure our design reflects that,” explained Moseley. “When you enter a class, the lights are low so you can focus on yourself—it’s you versus you in each workout. All fitness levels are welcome to our classes, and moves can be tailored to fit the needs of each member.”

Photo provided by THREE15.

In addition to its spacious workout room, THREE15 Huntsville will also have on-site showers, lockers, and several bathrooms to help members get in and out quickly. They will also have a large retail area at the entrance where guests can purchase workout gear and accessories. Moseley said the brand is an approved retail seller of the Lululemon product line.

“When recreating Lincoln Mill, we knew we had to bring in brands that shared our vision,” said Crunkleton retail leasing expert Anusha Alapati Davis. “THREE15 will offer a unique blend of boutique fitness to the on-site employees at the property, as well as the public. We know they will be an excellent addition to Lincoln Mill and it has been a pleasure helping them find a home for their first North Alabama studio.”

Photo provided by THREE15.

Another thing that sets THREE15 apart is its flexibility. There are options for one-on-one and/or private classes for groups. Members can also stream barre classes and have the ability to join a cycling class live online.

“The fitness industry is changing and we are embracing its evolution,” said Moseley. “Our studio offers one-on-one classes for anyone who wants to continue social distancing and we have private group sessions as well. We’ve had sororities, bachelorette parties, and other groups pre-book a session. We also offer add-ons to the private groups like a live DJ and charcuterie boards. It has grown into its own experience.”

As the team at THREE15 says, “You can do anything for 15 minutes.” They are determined to help their clients feel stronger when they leave than when they walked in the door.

“We will be sharing updates about our future space and classes on our social media channels, so be sure to follow us,” encouraged Moseley. “Lincoln Mill here we come!”

Photo provided by THREE15.

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