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Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate and Stovehouse Properties are thrilled to share that an all-new, fast-casual restaurant will add Mediterranean flavor to the highly anticipated Stovehouse food garden. Fresko Grille, created by local chef Abrahim Hassan, will open a 760-square-foot space in the development and serve dishes such as beef and chicken shawarma, falafels, baba ghanoush and much more, made with traditional Mediterranean ingredients and preparation methods. The eatery is scheduled to open in early Spring 2019.

“Fresko Grille is a family business where guests can see the food being cooked and prepared right in front of them,” said Hassan. “Thanks to its open-kitchen concept, Fresko will give patrons the option of choosing their desired protein, fresh veggies, sauces and sides so that each order is customized to their liking. Vegan and vegetarian options are readily available, and the menu will include rotating specials so you can always come back and try something new.”

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Visitors to Fresko can choose from a long list of Mediterranean favorites like falafels, beef and chicken shawarma, Kafta kebabs, baba ghanoush, fresh veggies, homemade hummus, tahini and tzatziki sauce, and more to create their own wraps and bowls. All dietary needs will be met at the restaurant by offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Although there will be no tables within the restaurant, guests can take their meal to the many areas of the Stovehouse food garden to enjoy indoors or outdoors around live entertainment and games.

“Stovehouse is an incredibly unique venue to be a part of,” said Hassan. “When we were first introduced to the food garden, we immediately envisioned the fun our guests would have during every visit. It’s the perfect urban hangout. We are excited to be involved in something as innovative as Stovehouse.”

For Hassan, Fresko Grille is a chance to live out his dream and create a restaurant inspired by his family’s recipes and world travel. He said the many people who move to Huntsville from larger cities are looking for a place that specializes in Mediterranean fare, and he’s proud to give it to them.

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“Stovehouse’s coming food garden will be a place where everyone in the family can enjoy an assortment of food options, outdoor games and entertainment,” said Stovehouse Developer, Danny Yancey. “Even more important than the variety at the garden is the quality of restaurants that it houses. We invite everyone to experience the incredible talent behind the many eateries at the development. They are a showcase of some of the best restaurateurs in and around Huntsville.”

Hassan and his team also paid careful attention to the interior of the coming eatery to ensure it has a colorful and welcoming vibe. The decor will draw inspiration from Mediterranean prints and patterns while incorporating wood furnishings and warm colors.

“When leasing a project like Stovehouse, it’s important to consider not only what works well within the development but also what the people are asking for,” said Anusha Davis, leasing agent at Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate Group. “Mediterranean food was a popular request, and Abrahim is delivering a product that stands out when it comes to flavor and authenticity.”

(Photo credit: Rocket City Digital)

To learn more about Fresko Grille, go to You can also follow the new restaurant on Facebook and Instagram.

“When you visit Fresko, it will be like you are tasting flavors for the first time,” said Hassan. “We can’t wait to welcome Huntsville and share the amazing taste of Mediterranean fare.”

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