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A personal transformation led Blair Morris to open an Iron Tribe Fitness location of his own. After years as a collegiate baseball player, he transitioned to the corporate world where he began to lose touch with his once-active lifestyle. It wasn’t long before he put on weight and started searching for a solution.

“At 26 years old I was ready for a change,” said Blair. “It’s easy to put on weight and lose motivation, so I wasn’t sure where to begin. A friend of mine invited me to Iron Tribe in Birmingham and I immediately knew it was for me. I felt like I was part of something, and I loved how quick and targeted the workouts were. Within a year, I had lost all of my weight and now I’m in better shape than I was in college. I believe in Iron Tribe because I’ve seen the results for myself.”

Soon after, Blair listened to his entrepreneurial instincts and began the process of bringing the fitness studio to the Rocket City as a franchisee. He opened Iron Tribe’s current Huntsville location on Woodson Street in 2013 and now serves as the owner of both the Huntsville and Madison locations.

Photo provided by Iron Tribe Fitness.

Iron Tribe Fitness, founded in Birmingham, Alabama, has consistently been ranked as one of the top five best workouts in the nation and has been featured on media outlets like ABC, CBS, Fox, and Men’s Journal. They now have locations all over the country.

“I wanted to be part of something that helped people improve their quality of life,” said Blair. “I’ve seen people cry from happiness when they finally reach a goal. It’s the most rewarding thing I could be doing.”

After years of success and growth, he said the business was ready to upgrade its facilities. That’s when he discovered Lincoln Mill.

The Huntsville location will officially move to the Lincoln Mill campus and occupy a 4,321 square-foot space with newly renovated restrooms and spacious coach offices in Q1 2021.

Photo provided by Iron Tribe Fitness.

“Leaving our current location is bittersweet,” said Blair. “It’s a seven-year-old facility and it’s time to enhance our offerings. Our team is very excited about what Crunkleton is doing with Lincoln Mill and the future growth of the Meridian Street corridor. We wanted to be one of the first businesses to get in on the ground floor.”

So, what is Iron Tribe Fitness? According to Blair, it’s a small group training facility that specializes in transforming bodies and changing lives. They are a high-quality gym that offers personal training, group classes, and a variety of ever-changing workouts that are targeted to the needs of the individual.

“Iron Tribe boils down to three things: fitness, nutrition, and accountability,” explained Blair. “If you’re a member with us, you have access to personal training services as well as our group classes. We work with people who have been fit their entire lives and others who are just starting their journey. Life will do its best to derail you when it comes to making healthy choices, but our approach gives clients the tools they need to stay motivated. Your personal coach will keep you progressing no matter what your goals are.”

Photo provided by Iron Tribe Fitness.

Many of the trainers at Iron Tribe have different certifications that help them create the best approach for each client. Nutrition is a big focus and they curate a plan for each member that matches their goals. All of this will be addressed in your first consultation.

“Everyone who joins us will begin the process with a thorough consultation that evaluates body composition, past fitness history, pre-existing injuries, and diet,” said Blair. “If you’re someone who has never been in the fitness world, we start by simply getting your body moving then we adjust as you grow. That’s why having a personal trainer is so important. They can guide you to the finish line.”

Three programs make up the structure of Iron Tribe: Push, Power, and Strength. Each addresses different fitness goals and the workouts are changed up regularly to prevent plateaus.

Push is a HIIT-style training program with no heavy lifting,” said Blair. “We use some light kettlebells and dumbbells and there’s a cardio component. Our Power class is for the more seasoned clientele where we get into some strength training with dumbbells. Finally, we have our Strength class that’s dedicated to the client who wants to pursue heavy lifting and has a specific strength goal.”

All classes are 45 minutes long making it the perfect solution for busy professionals. This is another reason Blair said Iron Tribe wanted to be at Lincoln Mill.

Photo provided by Iron Tribe Fitness.

“We’ve got everything under one roof—that’s what sets us apart,” he said. “Group classes are our foundation and we have the nutritional coaching and personal attention to back it up. There are going to be many office employees at Lincoln Mill and we hope to be their on-site fitness facility. Our classes are quick and tailored to the busiest professionals. So we can get them in and out with excellent results.”

Blair said that the success he’s seen at Iron Tribe has been remarkable. Recently, the Huntsville site had a client who hit their 100-pound weight loss goal.

“On average, we see clients lose 20 pounds within the first two months if they stick to the plan rigorously,” he shared. “They can accomplish that because our plans are individualized and they are willing to put in the work. It’s a team effort. We’re more of a partnership than a membership. You can text your coach when you need motivation.”

Iron Tribe will even write a personal workout for you to follow when you’re out of town and can’t get to class. Just tell them what equipment you will have available and they will keep your workouts coming.

Photo provided by Iron Tribe Fitness.

Crunkleton retail leasing expert Anusha Alapati Davis knows first hand how well Iron Tribe can work for its members.

“I’ve been a member of Iron Tribe for years and it has always felt like a family,” she said. “They’ve been encouraging and helped me achieve a lot of my own fitness goals. I think they will be an excellent addition to Lincoln Mill because they will serve as another amenity to the many office employees on-site. It has been great working with them on their new location.”

Iron Tribe’s holistic approach will take shape at Lincoln Mill in a beautiful space with upgraded technology and all of the equipment that current Iron Tribe members have grown to love. Blair said he’s excited about what the new location means for the business.

“We want people to walk in and ask us what we do,” he said. “Being in an established office center will offer us great visibility and foot traffic in an area that is growing. Our training approach will get you where you want to go. Whether you’re looking to lift heavy or simply gain a healthier lifestyle, we’re with you every step of the way.”

For more information on Iron Tribe Huntsville, visit Madison residents can visit for classes and schedules.

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