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Looking for a new space for your business to call home?
We sat down and talked with Zac Buckely of Crunkleton & Associates and he gave us the full scoop on why it’s beneficial to have a commercial broker represent you on your search for space!
Here’s his list of the top 5 reasons to secure tenant representation:

1) A good broker will know the market

They’ll be able to inform you about the going Rental Rates for the area, make sure you receive sufficient TI amounts, and be aware of any recent vacancies you may be able to take advantage of.

2) They save you time

While you run your business, they will do the property searching for you. They will find all available spaces that fit your criteria, compile a report/package that explains all the options for you, and meet with you to discuss each one. This can take days to compile, which are days you can spend doing other things.  Your broker will also save you time by coordinating with other agents and scheduling site visits to assist you in visiting multiple properties all in one time saving tour.

3) They save you money

They know what rental rates in the market are and should be. They can advise whether this is a competitive deal or if the landlord is asking too much for their property.

4) They are familiar with all the players

It is likely they have already done a deal at that property or with that landlord. Knowing the landlord or other comparable deals at that property can help greatly in negotiating the best deal for you.

5) They know the competition

They know what other tenants or competition are moving in the market. This can help you get ahead of your competition or make a move on a space before it is filled by another tenant.

If you would like to secure tenant representation on your search to find the perfect space, give us a call at 256-536-8809 and we’ll connect you with an experienced broker who can help get you started!
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