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Last Friday, Stovehouse celebrated the Grand Opening of Pourhouse at the development! The evening was packed with guests and everyone was excited to see Huntsville’s newest place to mix, mingle, and dine on delicious, authentic fare!

Now that Pourhouse is officially open, what can fans of Stovehouse expect next?

Currently, Pourhouse and the Stovehouse Company Store are open and operating on-site. But several highly anticipated restaurants are slated to open within the coming weeks including Mazzara’s Italian Kitchen and Fresko Mediterranean Grille. They will soon be followed by Kamado Ramen, Taqueria El Cazador, and Oh Crêpe!

These new-to-Huntsville eateries will be serving top-notch selections like Italian, Mediterranean, Korean, Mexican, and Japanese-inspired cuisine. Best of all, they will be run by local restaurateurs who are looking to elevate the Rocket City’s dining scene.

In order to make your visit to the Food & Leisure Garden enjoyable as possible, we’ve put together a quick list of things you should know about Stovehouse as you plan your visit.

  • Stovehouse Embraces Community Seating

The Food & Leisure Garden is the perfect solution for families or groups when everyone has trouble deciding what to eat. All of the dining is in one centralized area so you can grab pasta from Mazzara’s while your friend orders falafels from Fresko Grille.

You can even select something from every eatery to create your perfect customized meal. No one is stopping you from enjoying appetizers at one shop and an entrée at the next.

Once you have your plates, you can find community seating outside near the cozy fire pits, around one of the many outdoor games, on the rooftop at Pourhouse, or in areas called “The Booth” and “The Canteen” (climate-controlled, indoor seating)!

Pourhouse is located in the center of the Garden so visitors can easily grab a cocktail, glass of wine, or beer to sip alongside their meal.

Bring your friends and let the fun begin!

  • It’s A Great Place To Visit—Rain Or Shine

No matter what the weather brings, the Food & Leisure Garden will help you relax and unwind. Indoor and climate-controlled seating is all around at spots named “The Canteen” and “The Booth”. So when it rains, Stovehouse literally has you covered.

“The Booth” is located on the north side of the Garden and offers visitors a place to sit, sip, and rest away from the weather.

Serving as additional public seating and an optional rental space for private events, “The Canteen” can be found directly adjacent to “The Booth”. This area can host up to 70 people for private events with configurable tables and chairs. It’s also climate-controlled and comes with necessary hookups for presentations and multimedia.

Finally, if the weather is not favorable, guests can retreat to one of the “comfortably swanky” seats inside Pourhouse.

  • Games & Live Music Are All Around

Delicious food may be the main attraction in the Food Garden, but the development has a lot more to offer that makes it a must-see destination. One of the best features you’ll find in the Garden is numerous lawn games for your entertainment.

Bocce ball, outdoor bowling, cornhole, hula hoops, and ping pong can all be enjoyed on the lawn between sips of your drink. One of the most popular games that everyone seems eager to play is foot billiards. It’s a giant billiard table with painted soccer balls you can kick into each pocket. It takes the game of pool to another level.

Here’s an upcoming event at Stovehouse!

Don’t forget! You can be on the front row of a local artist’s outdoor concert, opt for comfortable seating inside, gather around lawn games, or watch the action from one of the porch-style swings hanging around the campus.

You can stay in-the-know about upcoming concerts and musical guests by following Stovehouse on Facebook or Instagram. Or you can visit the official events calendar here.


  • A Note On Policies

In order to make every visit to Stovehouse the best it can be, a few policies have been put in place. We feel like the graphic is self-explanatory:


  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Kindness
  • Whistling
  • Jubilating
  • Leisuring
  • Moderate Horsejackery


  • Smoking
  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Unattended Minors
  • Outside Food/Alcohol
  • Excessive Horsejackery

According to Stovehouse, here is the meaning behind the term “horsejackery”:

“The act of slowing productivity and/or causing a commotion. (A reference to an event circa 1934 when a local farmer’s horse got loose and wreaked havoc in the building that is now Stovehouse. The legend suggests he galloped wildly past the stove line, causing several skittish workers to flee the building. Following the event, it was declared that any act affecting safety, productivity, or business-as-usual, would henceforth be known as “horsejackery”.)

  • Where To Park

Stovehouse has plenty of parking for visitors available that’s close to its many attractions, including the Food & Leisure Garden.

The best way to access guest parking closest to food and entertainment is by turning on 9th Street from Governors Drive (look for the tall red Stovehouse flags). If that lot is full during the evening hours, just make your way to a few hundred spaces waiting on the opposite (west) side of the building.

Do you want your business to be a part of Stovehouse?

Crunkleton is busy leasing space for the development and seeking retail and office concepts that want to be part of the Stovehouse community.

If you’re interested in hearing more about available opportunities, contact us at 256-536-8809! You can also check out the latest Stovehouse leasing package here.

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