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Crunkleton & Associates is excited to announce that Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint will be joining the Cornerstone Place development in Madison on Highway 72 West and Wall Triana Highway in the spring of 2016!

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint was created by Matt Andrews, one of the founders of Atlanta-based Moe’s Southwest Grill, when he began to wonder, “Why hasn’t anyone done pizza like the Moe’s model?”

The idea of a custom made meal wasn’t new, Subway had done it with the sandwich for years, places like Moe’s and Chipotle had brought the model to Mexican food, and you can now even customize your coffee order at shops like Starbucks, “but we hadn’t see that in pizza,” he said.

Andrews was then suddenly struck by the idea to combine, “the fun of Moe’s with the fresh, made-from-scratch ingredients of Chipotle,” he said.

Put all this together along with a nickname given to Andrews by his brother as a kid and “Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint” was born.

Stick Figures in lineA fast, casual restaurant, Uncle Maddio’s makes every pie right in front of the customer utilizing the highest-quality ingredients, “You tell us: a little more of this, a little less of that,” says Uncle Maddio’s website.

Customers pick their own crust and cheese, go down the line and choose their toppings and then, with this the assistance of modern fast-bake ovens, orders are ready in only 6 minutes!

With 48 toppings, 6 sauces, 27 vegetables, 15 meats, gluten-free crusts, hormone-free chicken, vegan cheeses, organic greens, local beers on tap and locally-produced vegetables, Uncle Maddio’s has something for everyone.

“We’re a family-friendly restaurant,” said Madison franchisee John Howard. “And in any family, at least I know this is the case with mine, we have very different tastes and we want to have something for everybody and we want to have healthy options as well.”

uncle-maddios-pizzajpg-efc066edf8a13617Howard first discovered Uncle Maddios in his hometown of Atlanta where the chain was born. “It just felt like the concept was well thought out and well executed and had a good, experienced team behind it that understood and knew how to build and grow a fast casual brand,” he said. “Maddio’s really put a strong emphasis on just having really good food and also having healthy options available, and then in addition we liked the fact that we could serve beer and wine, because whenever you have pizza you know you always want to have a beer.”
After falling in love with the brand, Howard and his wife Joy set their eyes on the Huntsville/Madison market. “My wife is from Cullman,” said Howard “and we had always talked about wanting to get back up to north Alabama.”

Howard says that the Madison location on Hwy 70 West is just the starting point for them in Huntsville, “we want to continue to grow the brand in other parts of the area as well.” This includes plans to open two additional Uncle Maddio’s locations in the area over the next four years.

“One of the big motto’s at Uncle Maddio’s is Serve with Love,” said Howard. “We want everyone to feel that love and to feel welcome and to enjoy the atmosphere we think is special at Maddio’s.”

The 2,597SF Madison location at Cornerstone Place is scheduled to open in March of 2016.

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