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“Environmental, economic, and social sustainability—those are the pillars of our company,” shared Candace Stough, co-owner of The Foundry Coffee Roasting Company. Have you ever considered the many skilled hands it takes to make your morning coffee? From the farmers to roasters and baristas, it takes a village to create each pour. The Foundry will bring sustainable coffee practices, products, education, and more to the Huntsville area that will have a global impact.

The Foundry Coffee Roasting Company is now open at Lincoln Mill. You can stay up-to-date on hours, products, and services by visiting their website or following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo provided by The Foundry.

Candace and her husband John’s coffee journey began in 2016 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment where they opened a third-wave coffee shop known as Alchemy Lounge. After years of success as a retailer, they decided to move to the wholesale side of the business and become a resource to the city’s local coffee community.

“Once we decided to make the transition to roasting full-time, we created a business model that would benefit coffee producers, wholesale partners, customers, and workers in the industry,” said Candace. “The Foundry is a farm-to-cup wholesale roasting program that works with green buyers who practice sustainable principles and share our vision.”

When searching for a space for The Foundry, Candace and John were drawn to Lincoln Mill. Its historic roots, many on-site professionals, and focus on creating a positive work culture made it stand out.

“Developments like Lincoln Mill tend to have their own ethos and culture,” said Candace. “We plan to support the local coffee community and be an on-site amenity to the many businesses on campus.”

Photo provided by The Foundry.

Providing Wholesale Coffee, Education, Training, And Tasting Events

Primarily, The Foundry serves as a farm-to-cup wholesale coffee roaster that helps retailers sell responsibly made cups of coffee. By being a wholesale partner, you are supported by the same pillars of sustainability that uphold The Foundry.

“Our wholesale partners have more than just access to excellent coffee,” assured Candace. “Our partners have on-site support, in-house training, and pre-site consultations for their coffee shop, office, or restaurant. We sell our branded coffee and can also provide private labeling or a customized roasting program.”

Interested in becoming a wholesale partner? Visit for more.

Education is a focus at The Foundry too. They will offer classes to train new baristas and teach consumers and professionals in the coffee industry everything from responsible business practices to how to brew a tasty Cup of Joe.

The Foundry also plans to offer cupping and tasting experiences, coffee flights, facility tours, and private roasting events.

Photo provided by The Foundry.

Economic Sustainability: Empowering Coffee Farmers Worldwide

One feature that makes The Foundry unique is its partnership with the @bellwethercoffee’s Tip the Farmer™ program—a first of its kind—that helps farmers earn a fair wage and invest in their futures by empowering coffee drinkers to tip the producers behind each cup.

“Coffee farmers around the world are paying more to produce coffee than they can sell it for, which makes it hard for farmers to earn a living wage,” said Candace. “We’re proud to participate in @bellwethercoffee’s Tip the Farmer™ program. Every whole bean coffee purchase made from our roastery supports these farmers directly.”

Environmental Sustainability: Reducing The Carbon Footprint

According to The Foundry, coffee roasting can have a substantial impact on the carbon footprint. As the coffee industry grows, many producers are asking how they can become more environmentally conscious.

“We are trying to make our carbon footprint as small as possible,” she said. “Within our purchasing practices, our green buyers partner with importers, farmers, and cooperatives who are investing at the farm level to address environmental issues related to climate change, habitat preservation, and reducing pollution.

“We choose to roast our coffee on a Bellwether Roaster because it is the only zero-emissions roaster powered by electricity that runs on 100-percent renewable energy. It offers the lowest carbon footprint of a commercial coffee roaster ever made.”

Part of The Foundry’s long-term vision includes a sustainable product co-op that provides compostable supplies and cost savings to our local cafes and wholesale partners.

Photo provided by The Foundry.

Social Sustainability: A Story Behind Every Producer

Behind every cup of coffee, there is a story. The Foundry makes it a point to share it with its customers. There are many challenges that farmers face and by creating partnerships with like-minded companies they push toward social sustainability.

Speaking of stories, Candace believes that they are on the right track. They are thrilled to support the coffee community in ways they have never thought possible.

“John is a serial entrepreneur and I grew up in the hospitality industry,” shared Candace. “All of our experiences and desires to create community have led us to The Foundry. Coffee shops are places where all walks of life come together and collaborate. We’re excited to be providing wholesale coffee and new experiences for coffee-lovers, cafes, and businesses that believe in sustainability. We can’t wait to see you at Lincoln Mill.”

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