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A new local children’s clothier concept, May May’s, will soon welcome the city to its classy, coastal, and convenient location at The Avenue in Downtown Huntsville. Situated along Jefferson Street, the shop will focus on providing unique, ethically made clothing and goods for newborns to size 12.

Owner Megan Powe fondly remembers the days when she sat at her desk in college sketching ideas for the store. Now, with four children of her own and a history in retail, she is finally bringing May May’s Children’s Clothier to life inside a 1,168-square-foot space in the city center. The shop is scheduled to open Q1 of 2020.

“Fairhope, Alabama, was my home growing up,” said Megan. “Back then, taking a trip downtown to shop at the many stores beside the town’s iconic clock was something the whole family enjoyed. It was an experience that was enhanced by the fact that my mother owned her own boutique in the area. I hope to bring that same small-town vibe to the growing Downtown Huntsville neighborhood.”

What is May May’s?

“May May” isn’t a name that was plucked from the air. In fact, it’s Megan’s nickname that was given to her by her three younger siblings. Now the name will have more meaning as it debuts as The Avenue’s newest tenant.

“I want May May’s to offer more than a typical shopping trip,” she shared. “I want to make it an experience that’s as fun for children as it is convenient for parents and shoppers. Day in and out, I’ll be there learning my clients’ names by heart, helping them shop, and making life easier for my busiest visitors.”

Adorable dresses that will be available at May May’s. (Photo credit: May May’s Instagram)

Part of that ease will be due to the layout of the shop, which will be open, organized, and easy to navigate. Inventory will be heavily focused on clothing so guests can secure an entire new wardrobe for a child in one trip if desired. Small toys, shoes, pacifiers, rattles, and other exclusive goods will be available as well.

“One of the things I look for when going to market is the item’s exclusivity,” said Megan. “I want to offer things no one else in the area has, and I also try to support talented local makers and artisans. For instance, we will carry handmade spoon and fork sets from a designer named January Moon who lives and operates out of Nashville. It’s important to me to support people who are local, have ethical business practices, and take care of families with their talents.”

Spoon sets from maker, January Moon! (Photo credit: May May’s Instagram)

Megan wasn’t quick to name all of the brands that will be at May May’s. “We have to leave some surprises,” she smiled. However, she did share that the store would carry a shoe designer out of Portland called Little Love Bug and a line of handmade bows by Homemade Homegirl.

“So many women-owned independent businesses are out there making incredible things,” said Megan. “Homemade Homegirl only uses vintage fabrics and everything is very well made. Little Love Bug shoes are all fashioned with beautiful handmade leather—they are stunning.”

Finally, Megan said May May’s would have WeeFarers Baby Sunglasses, a brand out of North Carolina. Each pair comes with a lifetime warranty and with a precious designer case. Not to mention they look stylish on any baby.

(Photo credit: May May’s Instagram)

What will the shop look like?

When asked what the new shop would look like inside, she was excited to divulge.

“We will have a lot of soft whites and mid-century features sprinkled around the store,” she said. “But I think our big orange velvet couch will be the main talking point. I wanted to bring in pops of color that match our logo. It was a lot of fun designing the interior.”

Want another reason to shop at May May’s? In the corner of the store, Megan will have a toy garden where shoppers can safely place their children and shop in peace. She also plans to host monthly children’s book readings and occasional events.

“I’m looking to connect with Huntsville-based children’s book authors so I can showcase their work at my shop,” she said. “So if anyone knows a local author that would be interested, please contact me on our business Facebook page to get the conversation going.”

(Photo credit: May May’s Instagram)

Why Downtown Huntsville?

For Megan, choosing Downtown Huntsville as May May’s home base was a breeze.

“Downtown is where it’s at,” exclaimed Megan. “For 13 years, I have wanted the same small-town shopping vibe that I remember in Fairhope, and Huntsville has that now! I am bringing May May’s to life because I believe we are offering something the area needs, as well as investing in a city that we care about.”

(Photo credit: May May’s Instagram)

Megan also insists that May May’s will make shopping easier for Downtown business professionals thanks to personal shopping and a gift valet. Clients can call ahead and order baskets of goodies for baby showers and birthdays according to their price range and specifications. And they will personally come out to your car with a stunningly wrapped gift.

“May May’s is a family-owned business that cares about making things personal,” assured Megan. “From the brands we support to the additional services we offer, we want people to rely on us. We’ve placed style, sustainability, and exclusivity at the forefront so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality at the most affordable prices.

We love Huntsville! And we can’t wait to become part of the Downtown business community and deliver more options for exceptional baby and children’s clothing to the neighborhood. See you soon!”

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WeeFarers Sunglasses! (Photo credit: May May’s Instagram)

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