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Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate is thrilled to announce the addition of The Moon Bakeshop to The Avenue in downtown Huntsville. The new family-owned bakery will feature a selection of Southern-influenced and European-inspired baked goods along with fresh alternative lunch options.

Slated to open December 2018, The Moon Bakeshop will be located in a 1,256 square foot space between the already established Oshi Poke Bowl & Sushi and Pet Wants pet nutrition company.

Thanks to years of dreaming and careful planning, husband and wife co-owners Thom and Maddie Watkins will bring the shop to life in the heart of the Rocket City!

A Collection of Recipes From Around the World

“We are very excited to bring The Moon Bakeshop to The Avenue,” shared Thom. “After years of gathering recipes and inspirations through our travels, learning from bakers and chefs both local and afar, we have perfected our menu together at home. We are ready to bring something special to the Huntsville community. Everything on our menu is made without using shortcuts and we take time to create textures and flavors that we hope are incredible, memorable experiences for our guests.”

All products will be prepared by the duo—by hand—using local ingredients. Partnering with Maddie’s brother, Hudson Cothren, they will oversee all day-to-day operations of the bakery.

Patrons will be able to enjoy an array of sweet and savory pastries. Some available selections will include butter croissants, scones, cookies, and small plates like avocado toast using homemade bread and chia seed pudding (topped with house granola)! There will also be delicious gluten-free and vegan options available.

“We didn’t want anyone to be left out of the experience we’re creating,” assured Maddie. “Our granola recipe is gluten-free and vegan, and several of our muffins and pastries will be too! But, best of all, taste and quality are never compromised.”

Baklava from The Moon Bakeshop menu

In addition to its exclusive recipes, The Moon Bakeshop has plans to partner with local coffee and tea providers to serve in the shop as well.

“I’m originally from Huntsville, so opening our store here was an obvious choice,” said Maddie. “We believe it’s the perfect place for a business like this to be embraced. Downtown has seen a rebirth and the area has been adding more diverse concepts to its food scene. We also want to partner with other local businesses that are passionate about what they do.”

When asked why they chose The Avenue as their home, Thom shared that being Downtown was always in the plan and that the mixed-use development is a vision for what Huntsville is becoming.

“The Moon Bakeshop immediately stood out as a great addition to downtown and The Avenue,” said Anusha Alapati, Crunkleton leasing agent. “Thom and Maddie have created a concept that will make local, made-from-scratch baked goods more available to the community. Huntsville can enjoy the flavors inspired by their travels without ever having to leave downtown.”

Co-owners Thom & Maddie Watkins

Finding Influence and Inspiration

“Owning a bakery together is something that we have talked about since we met—around ten years ago,” shared Thom. “Baking and cooking as a couple is something that’s brought us closer. Being able to share the joy and create a space where the community can come together and savor the simple pleasure of homemade baked goods is such a privilege.”

Inspiration for the shop began years ago when Thom accepted a culinary apprenticeship in Italy. While there, he experienced the techniques, flavors, and cultural insights that ignited his passion for cooking.

“It was my first time out of the country and I didn’t know anyone when I arrived,” recalled Thom. “Walking into local bakeries provided much-needed comfort and reminded me to enjoy the small things. That same comforting, nostalgic vibe is what we are hoping to recreate at The Moon Bakeshop.”

Maddie, whose background is in art and graphic design, grew up baking in her Nana’s kitchen learning from handwritten Southern recipes that built the foundation for her love of baking.

Combining their talents and creativity, Thom and Maddie worked together to develop the concept for the new bakery.

“Our store is autobiographical in a sense,” clarified Thom. “We visited Italy this past Christmas and never failed to be impressed by the local bakeshops. Their menus used all local ingredients and everything was prepared from scratch. It’s really something special and we wanted to bring that experience back home.”

A Welcoming, Cozy Atmosphere 

When describing the aesthetics of The Moon Bakeshop, a few keywords came to the couple’s minds—cozy, rustic, and welcoming.

Upon entering, guests will see all available pastries in a wide display case. And, as an added bonus, they will be able to watch the preparation and baking process thanks to a large glass window—an eye into the kitchen.

“Some people ask us why we named it The Moon Bakeshop,” said Maddie. “The truth is, we have always been fascinated by everything having to do with space, astronauts, and astronomy. It’s just a happy coincidence that the Rocket City has a love for those things too. It just fits.”

Maddie clarified that when it comes to the logo and design of the shop there will be subtle nods to space, but the main focus will be on rustic interiors, unique accents, hanging lights, and comfortable seating.

“Our shop will be a place where guests can take a quick breather from their day, enjoy good conversation, and indulge in tasty baked treats,” said Maddie. “Everything about it will be warm and inviting. We want our shop to bring the community together, as well as support local causes. We have plans to use this platform to give back.”

Co-owners Thom & Maddie Watkins

Welcome, The Moon Bakeshop!

So, what makes The Moon Bakeshop unique? According to Thom and Maddie, it’s the time and attention put into each batch of goods.

“Making butter croissants from scratch is a three-day process,” explained Maddie. “But when you taste the final product it’s so worth it. We extend the same time and attention to every menu item. We believe you will taste the difference.”

“She’s right,” added Thom. “We hope everyone who visits our shop will recognize how quality ingredients and careful preparation enhances the flavors. We will be there every day covered in flour and ready to welcome our new friends. We can’t wait to meet you, Huntsville!”

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