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 (Two Japanese-inspired eateries to join the Stovehouse development on Governors Drive.)

Stovehouse Properties and Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate are thrilled to announce that Kamado Ramen and Oh Crêpe will be the first of several food garden concepts to join the growing Stovehouse development. Members of the team behind Huntsville’s popular I Love Sushi restaurant will bring the fast-casual eateries to life and offer a fresh take on many Japanese-influenced dishes. Both concepts are tentatively scheduled to open Quarter 1 of 2019.

“Huntsville is very progressive when it comes to accepting new and exciting restaurants to the area,” said Jim Xue, partner at Kamado Ramen and Oh Crêpe. “When it came to selecting a site, Stovehouse fit our needs on every level. It has brought incredible food and entertainment into a concentrated area that is impossible to ignore. Stovehouse will be home to many local, new-to-Huntsville concepts and we are very excited to be a part of it.”

Kamado, which means “stove” in Japanese, will feature several options for its bowls that include various noodles, sauces, vegetables and meats. All sauces will be made in-house and patrons can enjoy dishes that showcase pork belly, chicken breast, kimchi, deep fried pork and Japanese soft-boiled eggs. A partner of I Love Sushi, Chao Fang, will serve as the main operator of Kamado and oversee day-to-day procedures.

“Kamado will be hyper-focused on creating the highest quality ramen dishes in the area,” said Fang. “Rather than expand our menu to include a multitude of options, we are placing all of our focus on each ingredient that goes into our ramen. A lot goes into creating exceptional ramen and our goal is to be the place everyone immediately thinks of when someone mentions ramen in Huntsville.”

Image provided by Oh Crêpe.

Oh Crêpe, also a fast-casual concept, will offer a fun spin on traditional crêpes by incorporating Japanese flavors and ingredients. Guests can order sweet options like banana, green tea ice cream and chocolate, or savory selections like lobster, chicken and spinach. The crêperie will also offer Taiwanese-style shaved ice cream, a creative alternative to the traditional scoops, along with several toppings to choose from. Yituan Wang will be the main operator of Oh Crêpe.

“You can completely change the look and taste of crêpes depending on what flour you use,” said Wang. “Oh Crêpe will use Japanese ingredients like rice flour and pay special attention to the presentation. We can’t wait for people to see how beautiful our crêpes look and discover how wonderful they taste.”

Stovehouse aims to be a hub of eclectic cuisine that showcases the talents of local restaurateurs and chefs. Kamado Ramen and Oh Crêpe are the first of several food garden tenants that will be announced in the coming months.

Stovehouse Food Garden

“The food garden is the heart of Stovehouse,” said Danny Yancey, owner/developer of Stovehouse Properties. “It’s where the city can mingle, enjoy live music, play games and experience some of the best food Huntsville has to offer. By introducing local concepts like Kamado Ramen and Oh Crêpe, we are creating a destination that is uniquely Huntsville. Jim, Yituan and Chao have the experience and talent to create successful restaurants that offer incredible food and exceptional service. We are proud to welcome them to Stovehouse.”

Construction continues to progress at Stovehouse on schedule with the food garden slated to open March 2019.

“Huntsville is continually looking to add more diverse cuisine to the city,” said Crunkleton Leasing Agent, Anusha Alapati. “Ramen and crêpes were both popular requests, and Stovehouse is the perfect location to embrace these modern concepts.”

If you are interested in becoming a part of Stovehouse, contact Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate at or call 256-536-8809. Or fill out a leasing inquiry on the Stovehouse website here.

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