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Stovehouse is exciting because it’s always evolving. Throughout its revival, it has transformed itself from a historic factory into a stunning and frequented destination for live entertainment, local dining, beverages, desserts, fitness, retail, and modern offices rich with amenities.

Walls have disappeared while others were built to house new concepts. Once closed-in, forgotten space became the setting for wonderful outdoor dining complete with music, games, and performances. Thousands visit each week to unwind at the development, taking in the sights, sounds, and mood that make the property unique. From its many historic accents lingering in the architecture to the contemporary businesses that line its borders, Stovehouse is nothing short of a game-changer.

During its first phase of construction, developers focused attention on the now bustling Food & Leisure Garden where patrons have their choice of local fare with international influences. (If you have a picky family, Stovehouse offers enough options for everyone to be happy.) Many office users also joined the campus, each bringing their expertise and flair to the neighborhood. Needless to say, Stovehouse has been a success. But of course, more exciting things are on the way!

Phase two is the creation of the property’s retail hub, Gaslight Alley. This area will be a new kind of shopping experience in the city. Described as “old-world”, the alley will encompass many retail shops along a cobblestone walkway. (Read more about its aesthetics here.)

We caught up with two of the coming businesses to see what we can expect in the next few months at Gaslight Alley.

Charlie Foster’s

(Click here to watch a video of the Charlie Foster’s team!)

Austin Jenkins, co-owner and creator of Charlie Foster’s, knows a thing or two about coffee. Actually, Austin knows more like seven or eight things—probably more. He’s particularly passionate about creating the perfect cup, always searching for the best roasts and preparation methods. He will be putting his knowledge to use very soon at Huntsville’s newest local coffee shop, Charlie Foster’s.

“Our shop is unique for several reasons,” explained Austin. “In addition to our coffee and location, we will be offering career opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are so looking forward to welcoming the community into Charlie Foster’s.”

Austin and his wife Hollie are working hard to get the 1,850-square-foot shop up-and-running. The interior of the space is being worked on every day and Austin says things are moving fast now.

Walls will be lined with cold brew towers, hot pink and red furniture will fill the space, and they will have more coffee machinery and preparation gadgets than you can imagine. It’s obvious that Charlie Foster’s is a passion project for the couple.

“Our manager Billy Brizendine is now on board and we are busy making plans each day,” said Austin. “It won’t be too long now. We are thinking late Q3 this year.”

In the photos, you can see how the space has been mapped out. The interior, along with the 500-square-foot outdoor patio, will make it an impressive space. Charlie’s face will soon welcome guests as they enter Gaslight Alley.

F45 Training

Next to Charlie Foster’s is an international fitness brand, F45 Training, that provides cardio, resistance, and hybrid classes that focus on high-intensity circuit training.

When entering the space, you can see a lot of progress has been made. Even the floors are set to welcome visitors who plan to use weights, resistance bands, and all sorts of equipment. Owner Kobi Bell is more than ready to get started.

“We’re full steam ahead getting the studio ready to open in a few weeks,” said Kobi. “The team is moving all the equipment into the space over the next few days and then we have to pass our inspection with F45 headquarters.”

Once everything is squared away, F45 will be open to the public.

“We’re so excited to get everyone out of the house and into a safe fitness environment,” said Kobi. “F45 HQ has done a tremendous job of restructuring workouts to accommodate the health and safety of our members. See you at the studio soon!”

You can sign up for a complimentary one-week trial at

How To Join Gaslight Alley

Crunkleton is busy leasing this rare venue to retail concepts that will thrive in a mixed environment offering dining, excellent co-tenancy, and built-in traffic. Businesses like boutiques, soft goods, home décor, hair salons, music shops, and much more would be excellent additions to the property.

If you’re interested in scheduling a tour, call Anusha Alapati Davis at 256-536-8809 or email

Click here to view the current marketing brochure and floorplan.

If you have ideas for what you’d like to see at Gaslight Alley, email

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