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Burn, Box, Build—these are the three core exercises Huntsville will soon experience at the City’s latest fitness concept, Regymen Fitness. Located in the burgeoning Times Plaza development on Memorial Parkway, the studio will offer memberships with close attention from personal trainers, individual goal setting, community get togethers, company challenges and—of course—stellar workouts.

“My wife and I have always been interested in opening our own business,” explained Jason Haynes, President of SFB Fitness and Co-owner of Regymen Huntsville. “As a health-conscious family who already has a lot of experience in the fitness and health world, we’ve partnered with our son Steven who has been working as a trainer for years.”

Offering three 60-minute workouts under one roof, Regymen Huntsville will officially open its doors at a Grand Opening celebration on November 21st from 5-8PM with classes kicking off the following day. Members will be able to book a class beginning at the Grand Opening.

“All classes can be selected on the MINDBODY app,” clarified Jason. “To start, we will be offering Burn—the most popular Regymen workout that’s split between cardio and weights—and Build—a combination strength-training session that involves ropes, bars, kettlebells, slamballs, and more. Box will become available after the first month and will give members a chance to box and punch their stress away while getting a killer workout.”

If you’re interested in trying a FREE workout at Regymen Huntsville, CLICK HERE!

The Regymen Difference

When presented with the opportunity to select from a variety of fitness franchises, Jason, his wife Anu, and son Steven all agreed that Regymen was the obvious choice.

“We have all been members of various fitness concepts and have a good understanding of what’s available,” assured Anu Haynes, Co-owner. “Regymen is an innovator in the industry and at the forefront of many fitness revolutions. With the various workouts you can enjoy, it’s almost like having three memberships in one. All classes focus on heart rate to ensure maximum results and our membership packages are flexible. We wanted to be a part of the Regymen family because they offer something unique and the company as a whole is hyper-focused on building a community.”

Regymen touts itself as a trend-setter in the industry that loves to “challenge the norms of fitness.” One of those differences is its commitment to fostering a sense of community and support.

“Steven was already working at Regymen in Niceville, Florida when we first considered partnering with the brand,” said Jason. “When I met with the corporate team, we immediately shared their vision that outreach and camaraderie should be the heart of the business. Because Steven was already a part of the company culture, it seemed natural to create a future with them.”

Jason’s son Steven Haynes will handle all daily operations at Regymen Huntsville and function as the Vice President of Health & Wellness/Head Coach. His degree and training will contribute to his goal of successfully operating a thriving gym.

“After working with Regymen in Florida, I was able to see the ins and outs of the business while helping to create fitness programs for our clients,” shared Steven. “I have a passion for fitness and being able to operate Regymen for Huntsville is a dream. It’s always been my goal to open my own studio and we encourage everyone to give us a try and see our unique approach to wellness first-hand.”

What’s A Typical Class Like?

All members will be able to sign up for classes via the MINDBODY app. Once registered, guests can choose from three different workouts—Burn, Box, and Build. In terms of class sizes, Burn and Box will max out at 30 people and Build will be limited to 24 because of the individual attention needed from trainers. All sessions will be 60 minutes long.

“We can’t wait for everyone to see the studio when it’s complete,” smiled Jason. “Once you see the whole picture with the theatrical lights that change based on where you are in the workout, the heart monitoring screens, the music—I’m confident that everyone will be excited to workout.”

Images were taken at a coach training session and do not reflect actual class sizes.

Among its clean, modern aesthetic will be multitudes of state-of-the-science equipment including screens that showcase moves and the heart rates of each member as they complete workouts. All of the programming is tailored by a group of experts who carefully put together new routines and moves for each class that target trouble areas and allow for peak results.

“In addition to the workouts that are performed companywide at each Regymen location, our local trainers will also have freedom to put their own flair and ideas into the programming by working directly with corporate,” said Steven. “That is if they are interested in the programming side. It gives our trainers a growth track of their own.”

Depending on which workout you choose, you’ll experience one hour of intense physical training tailored to your needs that can burn up to 1,000 calories per session.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each class:


Regymen’s HIIT workout is the house favorite. It incorporates cardio stations like the treadmill, SkiErg, and assault bike along with kettlebells, TRX, dumbbells, CORE exercises, and stabilization movements to bring you an incredibly effective 60-minute workout experience.

  • All cardio is heart rate based.
  • All calories are tracked.
  • Points are earned in every workout.


Regymen will switch your focus to power and strength in its BUILD workout. Get your blood pumping with Olympic barbells, bumper plates, battle ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, slamballs, CORMAX, and more. BUILD combines compound movements and explosive rounds of cardio (15-30 seconds) that strengthen your muscles and get your endorphins pumping.

BOX (Available in Huntsville SOON!):

Take out the treadmill and add in the heavy bag. You’ll PUNCH, KNEE, ELBOW, and LIFT in Regymen’s BOX workout. They use rounds in the weight room and rounds on the bags to spike your heart rate through power punching and lifting, agility work and core work routines.

Opening In Huntsville

“Why did we choose Huntsville?” repeated Jason. “Well, we do live here. But there was much more involved in our decision. The Rocket City is growing fast and more people are expressing devotion to a healthy lifestyle. Fitness concepts are being readily embraced.”

Regymen will have a 2,986-square-foot space at the Times Plaza mixed-use center directly off the parkway. They will be the latest tenant to open at the location with Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar and Super Chix Chicken & Custard proceeding them. Soon, several medical tenants will open their doors as well.

“We worked with a team to help us secure the ideal location and Times Plaza checked all the boxes for us,” added Anu. “It was important to us that we would find a home in a new, fresh center that was modern and highly visible. We got a great feel for the place when we arrived and finding our spot was essentially a painless, comfortable experience. We are very pleased with where we’ve ended up.”

Already, Regymen has offered off-site workouts to the Huntsville community to increase brand awareness and get the City excited about what’s to come.

“They are called ‘Workout While You Wait’ sessions,” clarified Steven. “We’ve visited several Huntsville hot spots like Bridge Street Town Centre, Campus 805, and Big Spring Park to show people what we can offer. At those meetings, we have had some great feedback and began to grow our future community. There have been excellent turnouts and it only makes us more excited to open!”

Grand Opening – November 21st!

“It’s hard to convey how thrilled we are to finally have our doors open to the public,” expressed Jason. “My wife and I both built our careers up from very little means—she in the medical field and me in the government. To be in a position where we can open a business and share success as a family is a dream come true. Steven has been a successful trainer for a good while and he is moving on to the next phase of his career. I can promise you that you will be hard-pressed to find someone who can match his love and commitment to fitness training and people.”

The studio’s Grand Opening will be a public event at the new studio with food, refreshments, and tours of the space.

“Community will be our emphasis from day one,” assured Jason. “Regymen isn’t just about coming in, working out, and leaving. We want to focus on creating a family. It’s integrated into who we are, and we will continuously be building that through out-of-studio events and community involvement. We recently did the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run together and had a blast!”

Images were taken at a coach training session and do not reflect actual class sizes.

All guests at the Grand Opening are encouraged to speak with trainers, sign up for a free session, and ask any questions about memberships. Those who are already signed up will receive their membership kits, which includes boxing gloves, heart monitors, and more. T-shirts and other branded gear will also be available.

“Come see us when we are up and running, we have the sound blasting, and the lights programmed to some awesome workouts,” encouraged Jason. “I think everyone will be surprised by how much they enjoy our program. We will see you soon, Huntsville!”

From now until opening, Regymen is offering discounted “founders’ rates”.  Once open, these discounts will not be available. All member agreements are monthly (no long-term contracts), so sign up now for the pre-sale founders’ rate!

Are you interested in signing up for Regymen Fitness or learning more about them? Click here!

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We will see everyone at the GRAND OPENING on November 21st!

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