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Last week we said we would answer some questions that have been circling the rumor mill about the Twickenham Square development in downtown Huntsville.  Today, we are here to put a few concerns to rest and hopefully answer questions that many have been asking.

Q 1:  Will it cost money to park at the garage at Twickenham Square?

A 1:  Yes and no.  No, it will not cost money to park at the garage if you will be shopping or visiting a business at Twickenham Square.  You will receive either a valadation stamp or token to insert once you exit the garage.

Q 2:  How many restaurants will be at Twickenham Square?

A 2:  There will be four restaurants in the retail portion of the development, two of which have been announced: Mei Wei Asian Bistro and Cajun Steamer.

Q 3:  Will there be outdoor dining?

A 3:  Yes.  Three restaurants will have outdoor dining.  Both, Mei Wei Asian Bistro and Cajun Steamer will provide outdoor seating.  The largest restaurant space will have a 700 SF patio.

Q 4:  How many apartments and what is the price range at Artisan at Twickenham Square?

A 4:  The apartment complex will contain 246-units and leasing prices range from $899 to $1,350 per month for one and two bedroom units.  For more information, please contact the Community Manager Kathy Woodyard at (256) 534-0090.

Q 5:  Will there be an elevated walkway over Pelham Avenue?

A 5:  No.  However, there will be connected access from Huntsville Hospital to the medical office building, Twickenham Place, at the development.

If you have any questions about the development you did not see on this blog post, please feel free to list them under comments.  Thanks for tuning in!  Stay tuned as we will be announcing a new restaurant at Twickenham Square in the next couple weeks!

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