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Think of your favorite song. Take a moment to imagine the notes, vocal harmonies, and lyrics and you’ll notice how all of them come together to make something unique and memorable. The team at Phat Sammy’s, Huntsville’s newest tiki-themed restaurant and bar, takes a similar approach when developing recipes by creating harmony between unlikely ingredients for an unforgettable experience.

Spam Fried Rice! (Photo used with permission from Phat Sammy’s.)

After several pop-ups and appearances around the Huntsville area, owners of the eatery quickly realized that the concept would thrive in its own dine-in restaurant. The consistent support showed that the city was ready for something fun and inventive.

“Phat Sammy’s is a restaurant and tiki bar that focuses on globally influenced American contemporary cuisine and a rum-forward cocktail menu,” said Jeremy Esterly, Phat Sammy’s Chef & Co-Owner. “Our bar food is heavily influenced by Asian cuisine and we have some authentic dishes from China, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. But we put our own spin on it so you can be sure everything you find here is one-of-a-kind.”

In addition to its signature food and drink, Phat Sammy’s location is worthy of conversation.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, patrons are unable to dine in at Phat Sammy’s for now. However, it has never been easier to bring a little bit of island fare and drink home with you thanks to new online ordering and curbside pickup options! Read more below!

Turning A Basement Into An Island Getaway

It turns out that you don’t need a ticket to travel to your own island getaway. Instead, you can simply step into the basement at 104 Jefferson Street where you will be greeted with tropical accents, vibrant colors, nautical pieces, and a laid-back vibe.

“There are so many tiki bars opening up all over the country and we decided to do a more modern take on the classic formula,” explained Jeremy. “I guess you could say that we are more of a neo-tiki bar. We have lots of eclectic pieces of art and random island-inspired decor throughout the space.”

Everything is designed for mixing and mingling while enjoying a meal that you won’t soon forget.

“We decided that we didn’t just want to open a tiki bar, but also a restaurant that served a menu with a wider range than similar establishments,” he said. “With all of the growth in Downtown Huntsville, it seemed like the best place to be for this type of concept. The basement really spoke to us. We instantly felt a speakeasy, bigger-city vibe.”

(In a previous blog, we discussed the redevelopment of the 104 Jefferson Street property. You can read more about that HERE.)

Phat Sammy’s was intentional even when it came to signage. In order to give the space a “speakeasy” feel, owners decided on a metal pineapple sign that glows neon green and yellow—without any wording. For any local or visitor in-the-know, the pineapple is a clue to what can be found behind the basement’s doors.

As you make your way inside, your eyes will likely be drawn to the giant mural that adorns the eatery’s walls. Designed by local artist Logan Tanner, the painting is reason enough to visit. Admire its bright birds, blooming flowers, and ocean-dwelling characters long enough and you just might begin to hear the wind and waves. It’s a feast for the imagination.

Of course, what would your island getaway be without incredible food? Phat Sammy’s goes above and beyond when it comes to offering unique and flavorful dishes.

Maybe you’ll start your meal with a “Kimchi Pizza” topped with tofu, avocado, bean sprouts, and soy vinaigrette. Or, you could begin with one of the restaurant’s most popular selections, the “Phat Fries”! They are hand-cut fries with fried egg, Chinese sausage gravy, cheese curds, fried chicken, and kimchi hot sauce. Wow!

Jeremy also recommends the “K-Mac” (a signature sandwich with two grilled patties, kimchi, cheddar, fried egg, and Good AF sauce on a brioche bun) or the “Spam Fried Rice” (crispy spam, barrel-aged teriyaki sauce, baby corn, English peas, 1-hour egg, and pea tendrils).

Phat Sammy’s “K-Mac” Sandwich! (Photo used with permission from Phat Sammy’s.)

Click here to read the Food Menu.

When it comes to “dranks”, as Phat Sammy’s lovingly calls them, owners say the most popular cocktails include the “Not A Painkiller” and “Sammy’s Pet Flamingo”.

Click here to read the Drink Menu.

“We are open and ready to serve even during these uncertain times,” assured Jeremy. “We offer a menu that is designed to be picked up rather quickly and also offer Cutty Bangs, which are drinks with all the necessary ingredients to make at home. Put in an ONLINE ORDER and try us out today!”

(Photo used with permission from Phat Sammy’s.)

How Can People Try Phat Sammy’s At Home?

Although Phat Sammy’s opened up at an interesting time, the business has modified its services in order to ensure safe, touchless transactions and curbside pickup.

“We rolled out online ordering and you can put in your card information for a no-touch transaction,” said Jeremy. “We also bring it right out to your car. And if you’re located close to us Downtown, we also deliver within 5 miles. We are able to provide sealed cocktail kits—after verifying your ID—of some of our drink selections so you can mix them at home. They come with everything, including the garnish.”

(Photo used with permission from Phat Sammy’s.)

Currently, Phat Sammy’s is open between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday for to-go, curbside, and delivery.

You can also call in orders by dialing 256-489-0232.

Visit to see more menu options and to make your order today! Be sure to show your support and follow Phat Sammy’s on Facebook & Instagram!

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