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Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate is thrilled to announce that a new fitness concept will be opening a 2,800 SF studio at Central Park Village at 900 Bob Wallace Avenue. Barre3 will offer full-body, mindful workouts that deliver results from the inside out. Owner of the studio, Mandy Simons, is excited to bring the business to Huntsville and offer an inclusive environment that supports physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Barre3 will open the Huntsville studio—the first in North Alabama—in June 2021.

Barre3 will begin offering livestream and community classes beginning in March. You can find class information on Instagram and Facebook @barre3huntsvilleal or on the studio webpage,

Ive been an instructor in the boutique fitness industry for 8 years. Barre3 has completely reshaped my view on fitness. We strive to create goals that celebrate progress, not perfection,” said Simons. Health is much more than a physical expression, it includes emotional and mental wellbeing. In every Barre3 class, clients are encouraged to appreciate their bodies and let go of unrealistic expectations.”

Barre3 opened its first studio in Portland, Oregon, and has since grown to 160+ studios across the country. Each membership also comes with access to its online platform that has subscribers from 98+ countries. The class combines strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness for a comprehensive approach that helps create a balanced body and healthy lifestyle.

Crunkleton retail leasing expert, Anusha Alapati Davis, helped Mandy secure the new site at Central Park Village. Anusha believes that Barre3 will fit well with the surrounding retail, be easily accessible from all areas of the city, and create a new opportunity for fitness enthusiasts who believe in a healthy mind-body connection.”

Mandy and her family celebrating Barre3 coming to Huntsville!

We secured an exquisite space at Central Park Village. Our studio is filled with windows that allow natural light to beautifully pour in,” said Simons. It is an excellent location. We are situated in central Huntsville within walking distance to many restaurants and retailers.”

The studio will include a large workout room designed with antimicrobial cork floors, natural wood, and delicate neutral colors—all signatures of the Barre3 brand. There will be a large retail area where clients can purchase clothing, accessories, beauty products, and locally made goods.

Every brand sold in studio has meaning and a ‘why’ behind it,” said Simons. “Whether the product is created in partnership with a female-owned brand, has a giveback component, or is manufactured in the USA, all have been thoughtfully curated with the Barre3 client in mind.”

Photo provided by Barre3.

Guests will be able to take advantage of the studios spacious locker rooms, on-site showers, and community space where they can take a moment to unwind. Moreover, Barre3 will have a play lounge that offers limited childcare. Educational and sensory exercises will be offered for the children every class.

Everyone who becomes a member gets full access to our livestream and online program,” said Simons. This makes it possible to stream workouts anytime, anywhere! There are options for 10, 30, 45, and 60-minute classes. The class offerings range from strength training to mind-body connection. Everything is customized to match your style and fitness level.”

Photo provided by Barre3.

Once open, Barre3 will have space for up to 30 people per class. However, the number of people admitted will depend on current COVID-19 recommendations.

We hope to open at full capacity in June, but our number one concern is the safety of our clients,” said Simons. Our outdoor classes are open to unlimited attendance with social distancing. We encourage everyone to check us out on social media for class details.”

Photo provided by Barre3.

Many have fallen in love with Barre3 because results have been life-changing and long-lasting.” At its center, the studio is a place where people from all walks of life, ages, and fitness levels can come together to support each other while building a healthier body, mind, and spirit. The concepts core values are what sets it apart: everybody is important, committed to real, give generously, make it happen, love of learning, humbly confident.

Your future journey with Barre3 will be guided by our core values,” said Simons. We believe that everyone is important. We are here to empower our Huntsville neighbors to live with open hearts, curious minds, and balanced bodies. We cant wait to welcome you to the Barre3 family!”

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