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Knowing your calling is a powerful thing. For Vasuda Bangalore Kroelinger, her dream was always to work within the field of mental health and see positive changes in the lives she helped. It took years of school, training, and sleepless nights, but her efforts led to the creation of a new outpatient clinic that serves the needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related developmental disabilities called Inquiring Minds-Behavioral and Developmental Services.

For the last three years, the clinic has grown exponentially and added additional services to better serve its clients. Crunkleton’s Eric St. John, CCIM, helped Vasuda secure Inquiring Mind’s first home at the Crestwood Women’s Clinic in 2017 and recently helped her find a new, larger location for her business to grow. Inquiring Mind’s new site recently opened at 4769 Whitesburg Drive in the Publix shopping center.

“Our new location allows us to offer a variety of services under one roof,” explained Vasuda. “We now have space for our growing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) program, speech and language therapy, and mental health counseling. By offering speech and counseling services along with ABA, we can create and implement a more comprehensive treatment plan, which increases treatment efficacy. The biggest impact to this larger space is the ability to provide services to more individuals across our programs.”

But that’s not the only reason Inquiring Minds chose the location. Vasuda said that a lot of needed therapy is handled through in-home visits and around the community. By taking therapy to other locations, clinicians are able to work on additional skills.

“The convenient access to surrounding retail businesses and restaurants allows us to expand our community programs for our clients working on independent living skills,” she said. “It’s in a great location and will continue to serve our clients as we grow.”

Vasuda Kroelinger; Photo credit: April Stanley Photography

Growing “Inquiring Minds”

Owning and operating an ABA therapy clinic became a goal for Vasuda after one of her relatives was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. After seeing the incredible difference made through early intervention, she knew she wanted to offer the same type of support to others.

“I was always interested in the medical field, and once I discovered ABA therapy I was hooked,” said Vasuda. “I ended up earning my master’s in psychometrics at The University of Louisiana at Monroe and obtained my board certification as a behavior analyst (BCBA). I am a current Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) in the State of Alabama.”

Read more about how Inquiring Minds got its start HERE.

Growth has been incredible for Vasuda and her team. When Inquiring Minds opened its doors, the team consisted of six Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs) and an office manager. Now, the clinic has 20 team members including administrative staff, LBAs, RBTs, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).

New Services—Mental Health Counseling and Speech-Language Therapy

The services at Inquiring Minds help through a variety of therapies aimed to improve social skills, dressing, communication, and even aid in potty training. Because the clinic sees clients anywhere between the age of 6 months to 30 years, they have to be ready for anything and adapt quickly.

Becoming a part of the Inquiring Minds staff is a rigorous process. In-house competency tests, additional training programs, and more apply to all new hires to maintain consistency and ensure quality. There are also plenty of regular check-ins with therapists.

When determining what new services they could offer in addition to ABA, Inquiring Minds decided to expand to Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Speech and Language Therapy.

“Our Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Porscha Profitt, offers programs for individuals as well as their entire family,” said Vasuda. “She has years of experience working with special needs individuals and families. Her services are for all age groups and she is able to develop treatment plans to address a variety of needs.”

When it comes to Inquiring Mind’s Speech and Language Therapy program, they offer services to a wide variety of ages and diagnoses. Anna Irons, MCD, CCC-SLP, specializes in language disorders and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

“Anna and Porscha are wonderful additions to our team,” assured Vasuda. “We add services based on where we see a need, and I’m confident that they will be able to successfully connect to our growing client base. Both are currently accepting new clients and enrollment in Inquiring Mind’s ABA program is not required.”

To learn more about the Mental Health Counseling services, contact Inquiring Minds at (256) 666-0477 or email Porscha directly at

For Speech and Language services, call (256) 666-0477 or email Anna directly at

Looking to the Future

It’s always a joy to watch a client grow their business and accomplish their goals. During the last three years, we have seen Vasuda and her team become a resource for so many in the Huntsville/Madison community.

“We are always thrilled to work with business owners who are passionate about what they do,” said Eric St. John, CCIM, Crunkleton Vice President. “Vasuda came to us with a vision of what she was trying to accomplish, and we helped place her in a space that would make it happen. Now that she’s grown, it’s an honor to work with her again as she moves her next phase of business to Whitesburg Drive. As always, we wish her the best of luck and thank her for providing such an incredible service.”

Inquiring Minds will celebrate its anniversary next month and possibilities for the future are endless.

“I love every second of it,” smiled Vasuda. “We value every moment with our clients and the families that we serve. We appreciate the overwhelming support that we continue to receive from them while we grow and transition.”

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