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JMP_1760If asked to describe her store, Caitlyn Replogle has just one word for you: eclectic.
Founded just over a year ago, Caitlyn opened her boutique, Indigo Shoppe, in the Meridian Arts district of Downtown Huntsville as a place that could merge together her love of free-spirited bohemian fashion and her passion for supporting locally-made products.
“Most of our stuff is made locally, like the artwork, candles, lotions, soaps, and stationary,” explained Caitlyn. “We also feature a few local designers, it’s a good way to get their name out there and I feel like things that are made locally or handmade tend to have more meaning.”
And now, just a year after opening, Caitlyn is excited to take the next step in growing her business by relocating it to The Garage At Clinton Row. “We’re still pretty new, so this is taking a big step forward, but I think it’s a good step,” said Caitlyn. “My personality and my vision are downtown and the things that I carry in the store really fit in with the downtown theme, sort of funky and eclectic, and so I feel like The Garage will be the perfect spot for us.”
Curating a unique collection of bohemian, modern-vintage inspired goods, including women’s clothing, accessories, and a selection of beauty products, gifts, artwork and homegoods, it’s Caitlyn’s goal to create a space where her shoppers can go and “not just get clothes, but come in and find something unexpected,” she explains.
“I try and make it so anybody in any age range can come in and find something, so it’s a good mix,” said Caitlyn.
Caitlyn plans to relocate her shop to The Garage At Clinton Row in Downtown Huntsville in early October of this year.
To stay connected with the shop, get updates on the store’s progress, and be the first to know about any upcoming events, follow Indigo online: on FACEBOOK and on INSTAGRAM!
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