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Earlier this year we started a new feature on our blog called “Huntsville Speaks,” and we’re back again for more community feedback!
We believe our city should be shaped by the people who live in it, that’s why we want to hear what you have to say.  You speak, we listen, and then we go out and try to make it happen!
Right now we are working on an exciting new project which will feature small local and regional boutiques from all around the southeast and we want to know:

“What local and regional boutiques would YOU love to see come to Huntsville!?”

Do you have that one small local shop that you’ll drive 100 miles to visit because it’s just THAT GOOD!? We want to hear about it!
And just to get the ball rolling we’ll share a couple of our favorites to start, then it’s your turn! Leave us a comment and let us hear which regional boutiques YOU want to see come to Huntsville!
Franklin, TN
Hanover Blue & Alice Blue
Chattanooga, TN
Behind The Glass
Auburn, AL
Hey Rooster – General Store
Nashville, TN
Now it’s your turn! What regional boutiques do you want to see come to Huntsville!?
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  1. K - January 30, 2016

    True Foods
    Roly Poly Sandwiches
    Trader Joes
    World Market
    Natural Life
    Seasons 52
    Not all boutiques but places I would love to see in Huntsville! 🙂

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