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Take 1 booming national franchise, combine with 1 enthusiastic franchise owner, mix together with 200+ cupcake flavors and sprinkle around to excited Huntsville residents and we have the perfect recipe for Huntsville’s newest treat, Smallcakes: A Cupcakery.
Darcie Marks, will hold a grand opening for the new-to-Huntsville franchise October 16th. “I have been baking since I was in high school, I just really love baking. I’ve never been too fancy with it and I feel like cupcakes are a bit more laid back and approachable, so this is a really good fit.”
Haven’t heard of Smallcakes? You’re not alone. Business Insider named it the No. 3 fastest growing restaurant chain that “you’ve never heard of” in a June 18 story highlighting 10 fast-growing, little-known franchises. Founder Jeff Martin, who will attend the grand opening, has been featured on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” for seasons one, two and seven.
Marks hadn’t heard of Smallcakes until a friend filled her in on the business. “I have a really good friend who went into the franchise around two years ago and they’ve really loved it,” she said. “I just kept asking her more about it and decided that we should do it. After all our research we thought Huntsville would be a great fit.”
The Huntsville location makes the third location in Alabama with other stores in Opelika and Oxford. Around the country there are more than 90 stores in 19 states and it generated $39 million in sales in 2014, according to the Business Insider article.
What really struck Marks as unique was that each batch of cupcakes is completely hand made.
“We make everything by hand every day,” she said. “Every single item is custom made and I think it makes a difference and helps the cupcakes to be light and moist. We don’t even have a mixer in the store, everything is mixed by hand. It’s kind of a stress relief. I guess that’s one of the things I like about baking. There’s a lot to be said for following a recipe, it’s almost meditative.”
Marks can get plenty of meditation in each day with 12 core flavors made everyday and an assortment of seasonal and featured flavors entering the mix on a rotating basis. The core flavors include Choco-Holic, Cookies-N-Cream, “Famous” Red Velvet, and more. Marks said she is working on having signature Alabama and Auburn cupcakes that will be available at least during the fall as well.
While it is hard to pick from the 200+ flavors, Marks’ favorite of the seasonal flavors is currently the Millionaire which has banana and pineapple and she is also partial to the cupcake milkshakes.
Yes, the cupcake milkshakes.
“You pick out any cupcake you want and can choose to have it as a milkshake where we will mix it in with vanilla ice cream,” Marks said. “They’re pretty incredible.”
The rest of the menu will include: Cake truffle / cupcake pops; cupcakes in a jar that can be shipped; cookies; whoopie pies and whoopie sandwiches. They also offer gluten-free options as well.
Marks hopes to open a second location in Madison in the future, but isn’t looking too far beyond that for now.
“It has been fantastic seeing everything come together for this,” she said. “All the little pieces and decisions along the way that I was hoping and praying would work together all falling into place.”
Smallcakes is located at  2000 Cecil Ashburn Dr SE in Huntsville Alabama and is open from 10am-8pm.
Find out more about the store by visiting the company website:

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