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Sweet-chili bacon jam, Guinness-fried onions, and house-made mac n’ cheese are all toppings that you will find on a Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint Wagyu-beef burger. And this sizzling hot and fresh grub will soon be available at the redeveloped 125 North Side Square in Downtown Huntsville. Opening in a 1,750-square-foot space on the first floor, this new beer and burger joint will be ideal for busy lunch crowds, afternoon happy hours, and late-night bites. Jack Brown’s is scheduled to open in summer 2020 and will have hours from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week.

“We’re a craft beer bar that serves a great burger,” said Jason Owenby, Jack Brown’s Director of Operations in Huntsville. “Our Wagyu beef is top-of-the-line and all ingredients are made in house—it’s quality food. Think of us as a ‘Cheers’ type of bar where everyone will know your name and favorite draft.”

Throughout the menu, guests will find a list of everyday burgers that include the BBQ potato chip and mac n’ cheese-topped “Greg Brady” and the elaborate “Elvis” burger slathered with peanut butter, mayo, applewood bacon, and cheddar cheese. There are also more mainstream selections like the “Cowboy” topped with bacon and BBQ sauce and the “Dr. Gonzo” covered with sautéed mushrooms, Guinness-fried onions, bacon, and Swiss cheese. Talk about decadent!

Don’t forget the extras. There’s French fries, sweet potato fries, and fried Oreos for dessert. Plus, there will be new and different burger specials each week.

Photo Credit: Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint

A Future Downtown Huntsville Staple

“There are a couple of different reasons why we chose Downtown Huntsville as our next location,” explained Jason. “We have several other sites in nearby cities that do really well and Huntsville fits right into our demographic. Plus, Huntsville is one of the best places to be for craft beer in the state.”

In addition to the Rocket City’s focus on craft beer, Jason also noted the development’s proximity to business professionals, an expanding population, busy lunch traffic, and the residential growth of the neighborhood.

“Jack Brown’s is a perfect spot to meet friends after work for happy hour and we found it works best for us when we are part of an established entertainment district,” said Jason. “We wanted to be surrounded by other places that stay open late so there are folks out and about looking for a good meal or local beer. We are also close enough to the hospital that workers can come eat with us late into the night. It’s a good fit.”

Photo Credit: Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint (Pictured: Ray Forthuber and Christa Jones from Jack Brown’s Charlottesville location.)

A Humble Start In Harrisonburg, Virginia

Jack Brown’s began its story ten years ago in Virginia with founders and best friends of 30 years Aaron Ludwig and Mike Sabin. It was a childhood dream to open a bar and after several years of working in other industries, they finally made it happen.

Building the brand on simplicity, Jack Brown’s swears by its plain hamburger and cheeseburger. In fact, on day one of opening at the first location, the first customer left because they didn’t serve lettuce and tomato—and they still don’t to this day! That’s right. You won’t find any generic toppings at Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint. Instead, you’ll be blown away by a burger that focuses on quality beef seasoned just right.

“Everyone has had a burger, but there’s something different about Wagyu,” swears Jason. “You can tell from the first bite that it’s on a different level. Our toppings are to complement the beef, not cover it up. My favorite item on the menu is the plain cheeseburger.”

But the burgers and fries were only added after the founders discovered that serving food would help with their liquor license—and everyone is thankful. However, beer is certainly one of the main reasons to visit Jack Brown’s.

Photo Credit: Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint

A Culture Of Craft Beer Excellence

Jack Brown’s Huntsville location will have seven rotating drafts and a Match Club. Jason explained the process.

“You will receive a card when you visit with 100 blanks on it and every beer that you drink will be tracked and rated. Everyone will be able to work on their card, share selection suggestions with others, and keep track of all the beers they have sampled. It’s a very fun place for beer connoisseurs to experience new and exciting options.”

Along with the rotating drafts—changed weekly—there will be 80-100 different bottles and cans to try. Sixty will be mainstays that change twice each year. The other 20-40 will be seasonal or experimental so there’s always something new to enjoy.

And if you’re curious about the vibe, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Photo Credit: Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint

Focused On Building Community

Jason became involved with Jack Brown’s several years ago after working with a large franchisee of another burger joint. He was serving as a trainer at new locations and traveling the world, but he was looking for something closer to home. Jason was instantly attracted to Jack Brown’s because of its family-oriented culture and focus on community.

“The atmosphere is laid back but always has good energy,” shared Jason. “We make each visit memorable and after three visits we should know you by name. As far as the look goes, there’s a lot of rough-cut wood and it’s rustic—all kinds of things are on the walls. It’s sort of like your grandparents’ basement full of kick-knacks and offbeat art.”

Jack Brown’s seven rotating drafts will be connected to the bumper of an antique car, giving the bar a signature look.

Photo Credit: Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint

“Yes, there are Jack Brown’s in other cities, but we work to ensure that each one feels and operates like a local establishment,” assured Jason. “Every time you enter, you will be greeted by friendly faces, servers, and bartenders who know who you are and will work hard to make your visit exceptional. I think that’s what sets us apart.”

Later this year, be sure to head over to Jack Brown’s and order yourself a Wagyu-beef burger smothered with savory toppings and a side of fries. Wash it down with your favorite IPA and let the good times roll!

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