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A few weeks ago we left our business suits behind, rolled up our sleeves, donned our best painting attire and headed down to Lincoln Village Ministry to volunteer!

While there, we fell in love with the organization and just had to share our experience with you to help spread the word about all the wonderful things they are doing for our Huntsville community and let you know how you too can get involved!

Lincoln Village Ministry is a non-profit organization that helps to educate, shelter, comfort and serve the underprivileged Lincoln Village community.

millvillagewebFounded in 2002 when Mark Stearns met a little girl sitting outside her dilapidated house in the Lincoln Mills area,  he was invited inside to find living conditions suited more to a 3rd world country than something that should exist just a few blocks away from one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Huntsville.

The little girl’s mother had been beaten by her boyfriend so severely that she had suffered mental retardation and was incapable of caring for herself or her daughter.  The house itself had no running water, electricity or furniture but the family had continued using the facilities, causing the house to gain an extreme foul order.

Heartbroken by the surroundings he saw before him, and knowing that this family was just one of many living in similar conditions in the Lincoln Mills area, Stearns felt called to improve the lives of these people and serve them in any way he could.

Partnering with a local church, Lincoln Village Ministry was born and it’s workers began a mission to break the cycle of poverty they had witnessed.  Word quickly spread and the organization has grown by leaps and bounds.  Presently they not only own and operate their own private school where underprivileged children from the Lincoln Mills Community can receive a 100% free education, be partnered with local community mentors, eat three square meals a day and participate in before and after school programs,  they also provide programs for the children’s parents as well.

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Over the last several years the organization has begun the process of slowly purchasing homes in the area, renovating them and then making them available for rent at prices the families in the neighborhood can afford.


In addition to the affordable housing, the organization also helps come along side each family with career counseling, personal financial advice, and even cooking lessons to help give them the tools they need to succeed, and their efforts are changing the face of an entire community.

We were so blessed to get involved with this amazing organization and do our best to help out for the day!  If you are interested in finding out how you can get involved with either their student mentorship programs, or other volunteer opportunities, CLICK HERE!  Or, if you’d like to, sign up to join our volunteer team and be notified the next time we help out in the community by sending us an email at!


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