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Very soon, Hampton Cove will have a new, tasty way to begin the day with loaded teas and delicious shakes. Cove Nutrition, owned and operated by Casey Yarbrough, will be opening at the Hampton Place shopping center off Highway 431.

“Cove Nutrition is a healthy alternative with a menu that includes meal replacement shakes, loaded energy teas, and specialty drinks,” said Casey. “We have low sugar, low carb, keto-friendly, and Weight Watchers-friendly selections. Our goal is for everyone to be able to stick to his or her nutritional goals with ease. All of our products are exclusive and dictated by our customers’ preferences and demand.”

After working at a similar nutrition shop in Hazel Green, Casey quickly realized he wanted to open a place of his own. Assisting patrons with finding the perfect drink and making them smile during each visit proved to be rewarding. It was then he began researching nearby areas to fit his coming concept.

“Our team combed through market research and ultimately concluded that Hampton Cove would be perfect,” said Casey. “The area is booming and lots of businesses are coming in or on the way. The Hampton Place shopping center was also chosen for specific reasons. It is visible from Highway 431, has easy access, and is home to great co-tenants like LawLer’s Barbecue. It is close to everything and benefits from loads of traffic from nearby Publix, Walmart, and Lowe’s. We’re excited to be opening there.”

Cove Nutrition will be housed in a 1,500-square-foot space and has plans to open in early Q4 2020.

Healthy Shakes, Teas, and Specialty Drinks

What exactly will you be able to order at Cove Nutrition? Its menu will include loaded delicious teas, healthy meal replacement shakes, and specialty drinks.

Meal replacement shakes range from 200-250 calories, include 24 grams of protein, are low carb, low sugar, and delicious!

“Customers will be pleased with such a large menu and lots of available choices,” said Casey.

Loaded teas are made with green, black, and Oolong tea concentrates. Guarana and ginseng are added to help increase focus and energy. They also have vitamins C, B6, and B12.

“Our teas have only 24 calories and no added sugars,” he said. “They are designed to burn calories and provide an energy boost.”

Casey went on to clarify that the Specialty Drinks are slightly thicker than the teas on the menu and a little sweeter. They each have 17 grams of protein, biotin and collagen, caffeine, and vitamins A through E. Cove Nutrition does its best to pack as many benefits as they can into each order.

“Everyone needs to stay tuned to Cove Nutrition on social media,” urged Casey. “Our followers will be the first to know about daily specials, new drink creations, customer rewards, and much more.”

Creating Community in Hampton Cove

“There’s more to the business for us than just serving healthy drinks,” explained Casey. “We want each visit to be personal—we’d like to get to know our customers and welcome them as members of the Cove Nutrition family. We are here to discuss health goals, our products, and learn more about you. Our visitors mean more to us than a simple ‘walk-in-walk-out’ transaction. The goal is to have each guest leave with a smile on their face, feeling like they’ve made a friend and found a new go-to drink shop.”

To make each visit sweeter, the interior of the shop will provide limited seating in an energetic, bright environment—lots of lighter colors and blue trim throughout the space. Its design will be focused on motivating and encouraging clientele. However, Casey expects most visitors will take their drinks to-go.

“When I worked at a similar shop in Hazel Green, I was able to see the benefits of our products firsthand,” smiled Casey. “Watching people enjoy themselves and come back again and again was extremely rewarding. People benefit from the beverages we offer and seeing those rewards made me certain of owning my own nutritional shop. We’re looking forward to meeting and serving our new Hampton Cove community within the next few months!”

Don’t forget to follow Cove Nutrition on Facebook & Instagram (@cove_nutrition)  for the latest updates on its opening and offerings.

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