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Cookie Dough in cone

(Birmingham-based edible cookie dough parlor to open its second shop in The Rocket City.)

“Many of us have memories of stealing cookie dough from the mixer before our grandmother could bake it,” said Jon Heugel, Co-Owner of Cookie Dough Magic’s Huntsville location. “Cookie dough has long been a favorite dessert and people have wanted a product that’s delicious and safe to consume. My family fell in love with edible cookie dough years ago. Once we were introduced to Cookie Dough Magic in Birmingham, we knew we had to bring the shop to Huntsville.”

Soon, Downtown Huntsville will welcome its newest neighbor—an edible cookie dough parlor serving up scoops of flavors like classic Chocolate Chip, Brownie Batter, Birthday Cake, Java Chip and more eclectic selections like Magic Unicorn and Magic Dunks. There’s even a vegan and gluten-free Chocolate Chip to make sure everyone can enjoy!

Photo provided by Cookie Dough Magic.

“We’re very similar to an ice cream shop,” said Jon. “You can order our cookie dough in a cup, waffle cone, milkshake, or a push pop, which is a cookie dough pop with ice cream in the center. Those are perfect for guests on-the-go. Our vibe will be very modern and cater to all ages. Our shop even changes its lighting and atmosphere at night to make it a fun hangout for after-dinner crowds.”

The new cookie dough parlor will be located at The Avenue in Downtown Huntsville on Holmes Avenue next to Melt and across the street from Moe’s Original BBQ.

Cookie Dough Magic is slated to open sometime this year and will have more specific dates after the current pandemic subsides.

Creating The Perfect Recipe

Avondale-based Cookie Dough Magic was only a thought in 2018 when creators and founders Chris and Melissa Bell went on vacation to New York City. After sampling flavors from The Big Apple’s most popular edible cookie dough bars, they made plans to create their own concept with a few twists.

“A lot of edible cookie dough is rich, dense, or gritty,” explained Chris. “It’s hard to eat more than a few bites and that’s something we wanted to remedy. After months of research and development in our kitchen, we came up with a recipe that was lighter, fluffier, and easier to consume. We felt so confident in our product that we took the leap of opening our own shop. Cookie Dough Magic has been a part of Avondale ever since and now we have taken the step of franchising our concept.”

What makes the product at Cookie Dough Magic so different? Its safe-to-eat dough is made with a few important ingredients.

“We don’t serve your typical store-bought cookie dough,” assured Chris. “Our recipes use fresh ingredients like heat-treated flour, pasteurized egg whites, and real butter, so it has a lighter, fluffier consistency. We take pride in our product because we spent so much time and effort getting it right. Over 30 batches were tested just to perfect our chocolate chip base. It’s a labor of love and we want everyone to leave thinking it’s the best cookie dough they’ve ever tasted.”

Once Chris created the various cookie dough bases, his wife Melissa got to work on developing the brand and logo. They decided on a clean and simple look but wanted to vary from the typical “dollhouse” feel that abounds in many ice cream parlors.

“Atmosphere was everything to us,” stated Chris. “Cookie Dough Magic was designed to capture different audiences with its vibe. During the day, we have a clean, simple look with modern fixtures and accents. At night, we appeal to older crowds by changing the lighting to a dimmer pink hue and turning on more lively music. We wanted it to be a place where people hang out after date nights and cocktails. It’s not something you usually see in your neighborhood dessert parlors. Huntsville’s location will have the same hip atmosphere.”

Cookie Dough That’s Worth The Trip

Jon and his wife Sheldon were already making two-hour trips to Birmingham to get their Cookie Dough Magic fix when they started to consider opening a business of their own. After getting to know Chris and Melissa and recognizing the high demand for edible cookie dough in Huntsville, the couple decided to open the brand’s first franchise location in The Rocket City.

Photo provided by Cookie Dough Magic.

“First of all, we wanted to do business with an Alabama company,” shared Jon. “The product was much better than anything we’d tasted before, which gave us the confidence to move forward. Chris was already catering to a large Huntsville crowd because people were driving there each weekend to get their cookie dough. It was obvious we needed to bring the concept home. Downtown Huntsville was the perfect place to make it happen.”

Co-owners Jon and Sheldon looked at several locations before committing to The Avenue. Ultimately, the site had the activity and atmosphere that would fit the brand.

“We felt like we could instantly pick up the clientele that would be best served by our product,” said Jon. “Historically, one of the best times for the business has been late evenings—mostly after-dinner crowds. Downtown has nighttime foot traffic thanks to its many restaurants, bars, and retail. We think Cookie Dough Magic will fill a void in the neighborhood and offer guests a fun spot where they can hang out and enjoy a decadent new treat.”

Hours at the coming business will be from noon to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays. There will be a small amount of seating inside the shop and outdoor patio seating as well. Jon said they plan to add a few outdoor games so children can play while waiting in line.

Photo provided by Cookie Dough Magic.

“We’re offering a unique community where everyone can come together over delicious cookie dough,” said Jon. “We will even be a fun spot for college students where they can do homework, drink hot coffee, and treat themselves to cookie dough for their hard work. We hope to see all ages enjoying our shop.”

In addition to cookie dough, the parlor will also serve water, glass-bottled soft drinks, milk, drip coffee, and iced coffee.

Pick Your Favorite Flavor

“Now that cookie dough is safe to eat for the masses, we can get creative with the types of flavors we offer,” said Chris. “Our most popular flavor is, of course, Chocolate Chip. And we have a vegan and gluten-free version of that flavor on our menu as well. We have 12 consistent flavors and one special that changes monthly.”

A few of the permanent flavors started as monthly specials. Magic Unicorn, which is sugar cookie dough with a red velvet flavor and sugar sprinkles, began as a limited-time selection. If demand requires, flavors will be moved to the permanent menu.

“We thought we’d capture a lot of kids with our Magic Unicorn flavor,” said Chris. “But it was overwhelmingly preferred by adults. It became so popular that we had to make it available at all times.”

Photo provided by Cookie Dough Magic.

Other interesting selections include Euro Dough packed with Biscoff cookies—one of Jon’s favorites. There’s also Salty Sweet with dark chocolate chips, Ghirardelli caramel, and sea salt. And finally, Fancy’s Peanut Butter with Reese’s Pieces.

There’s really only one question you need to ask yourself when you visit the new shop: How hungry are you? Guests can order mini scoops all the way to triple scoops of cookie dough. You can also treat yourself to blended cookie dough milkshakes, push pops, and sundaes.

“The combinations are endless,” said Jon. “You will just have to keep coming back until you’ve tried them all!”

The Avenue’s Newest Tenant—Cookie Dough Magic!

“We are very blessed that Jon and Sheldon reached out to us to open a Huntsville location,” said Chris. “They are the type of people that will uphold our excellent customer service and focus on quality. Huntsville, you will have some awesome people running your store.”

Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate’s Anusha Alapati Davis worked with Jon and Sheldon to secure their Huntsville location. Anusha said edible cookie dough will be a welcomed addition to the city.

Photo provided by Cookie Dough Magic.

“When researching possible concepts, we make it a point to consider what the public is asking for,” explained Anusha. “I’ve heard from many people that wanted a cookie dough shop nearby so they’d no longer have to travel out of town to get their dessert. After meeting the Cookie Dough Magic team, it was clear that the brand would be a perfect fit for Downtown. With an established neighbor like Melt—another Avondale-based concept—Cookie Dough Magic can bring a lot of joy to the city. We can’t wait to watch them thrive.”

Stay tuned to Cookie Dough Magic’s social media channels for updates on the shop’s opening. Click here to follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

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