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Three and a half years ago, Heather Murphy—a Huntsville local—rented a small studio space on Franklin Street in Downtown Huntsville. She was determined to create a place where people could find healing and build strength both physically and mentally. Armed with her tenacious attitude and supportive family, she opened the doors to Burn Collective Fit with hopes of creating a lasting fitness community.

Fast forward to today, Heather has evolved her business into a successful studio and lifestyle brand that has outgrown its quaint beginnings off the historic square. Her sights are set on a larger location that will open at Stovehouse on Governors Drive later this month! The new studio will allow for more flexible schedules, bigger classes, and the addition of retail to her thriving business model.

“Fitness has always been my go-to when I experienced stress or sadness,” explained Heather. “It has helped me recover physically and mentally because it offered me a group of supportive people who all shared the same goal of becoming their best. My biggest goal was to share the same benefits I experienced with others by creating a studio of my own. It’s what I was always meant to do.”

Photo credit: Burn Collective Fitness


Burn Collective Fitness will open its doors at Stovehouse later this month!

Studio Schedule: Click Here!

Retail Shop Hours:

Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Sunday – 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.


(Follow the studio on Facebook & Instagram for details on its official opening!)

Why Stovehouse?

When she first saw plans for Stovehouse, Heather noticed the benefits of its location for her clientele. However, something else led her to sign the lease.

“Stovehouse is unique in its focus on building community,” she said. “I’ve been eyeing Stovehouse for a long time and watching it come together. It’s going to be the perfect place for us to have events and introduce people to our fitness family. There’s always new traffic coming to the development, so it will help significantly with brand recognition.”

Already, Burn Collective has been busy hosting yoga/pilates events on the Stovehouse Food & Leisure Garden lawn and courtyard. Its most recent gathering was in support of the Huntsville Hospital Foundation’s SPEAK organization (Suicide Prevention Empowerment Awareness Knowledge). It works to “address the increasing incidence of suicide and raises awareness about mental illness.”

Photo credit: Burn Collective Fitness

“It’s important to us to give back in everything we do,” insisted Heather. “Events that allow us to partner with meaningful causes bring even more joy to our accomplishments. Yes, we get a great workout. But we are also helping others along the way. For me, that’s what it’s all about.”

Heather also said that Huntsville is a great place for fitness concepts in general because the City is becoming more open to unique workouts or methods in the industry.

“Huntsville has historically been more conservative when it comes to fitness, but that’s quickly changing,” she insisted. “I feel freedom here to try new things and hopefully make classes more engaging. We are thankful to have a client base that’s always up for a new challenge.”

What classes will be offered?

Heather described the classes at Burn Collective as a “fusion of functional strength training, yoga, pilates, and cardio.”

“Our studio on Franklin Street could handle about 12 people per class, but our Stovehouse home will allow for 20,” she said. “This means clients will have a better chance of getting into the classes they want. My favorite, however, has to be the Body Burn session. It’s our most popular class and helps with flexibility and mobility—two things that are very important for long-term health.”

Classes are designed to be inclusive to all fitness levels and needs. Anything can be modified for injuries as well. Best of all, you’ll be able to sculpt, sweat, and challenge yourself in a stress-free and judgment-free environment.

Photo credit: Burn Collective Fitness

If you are interested in attending a class but aren’t sure where to begin, visit Burn Collective Fit online and get the New Client Special. It’s a One Month Unlimited pass so you can try several sessions and find out which classes are best for you. You can also register for a FREE class if you want to step into your new fitness routine slowly.

What kind of retail will you provide?

As the studio continued to grow, Heather found a need to offer more to her clients. Her new Stovehouse space will include a retail component.

Now, clients and casual shoppers will be able to choose from a wide selection of athleisure wear like yoga pants, tanks, and shorts. There will also be lifestyle items like candles and jewelry available.

Photo credit: Burn Collective Fitness
Photo credit: Burn Collective Fitness

Finally, there will be branded tie-dyed items with the company’s unalome logo. The unalome is a symbol that represents the path to enlightenment. For Heather, it stands for following your own path and always working to become the best version of yourself.

“Retail will be new to us at Stovehouse,” clarified Heather. “I think people will appreciate more options when it comes to athleisure wear. It will also be very convenient to shop before and after class so you can always be prepared and stylish at the same time.”

What will the space look like?

Drawing inspiration from minimalism and nature, the Stovehouse-based studio will incorporate plenty of earth tones, plants, neutral colors, and natural vibes.

“Years ago I read a book by Meik Wiking who is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen,” said Heather. “It’s called ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ and it emphasizes the importance of atmosphere, harmony, togetherness, and comfort when it comes to improving our overall happiness. I was able to take some of the tenets in the book and bring them to life in the space.”

Photo credit: Burn Collective Fitness

Why should you give Burn Collective Fitness a try?

More than anything, Heather wants to share the importance she places on community, healthy living, and supporting others on their personal journeys.

“Burn Collective was designed to be a safe space to move your body and feel better about yourself,” she said smiling. “We want you to feel your best physically and mentally. So much of that is being part of a community that helps you stay on track and uplifts you along the way. The Burn Collective teams looks forward to welcoming new members into its growing family.”

For more information on Burn Collective Fitness, click here. Be sure to follow the studio on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

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