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Huntsville makes the most of the holiday season with events, special performances, parades, and inspired dishes that are designed to keep you warm and cozy all winter long.

Stovehouse is no different. In fact, it’s the perfect destination for family fun even on the chilliest of evenings. Thanks to outdoor heaters, fireplaces, indoor seating, musical performances, and seasonal menu items, the old Martin Stove factory is a must-visit during the shorter, colder days of winter.

Friends gathered around one of the many fireplaces on the Stovehouse campus.
  1. Stovehouse Keeps It Warm & Cozy

Although Stovehouse is known for its outdoor-centered amenities, the team makes sure it’s warm and toasty all year round. In case you didn’t know, there are numerous giant heaters under the awnings of Pourhouse, dozens of portable heaters set around the Food & Leisure Garden, and fireplaces that you and your friends can share.

If you are looking for more indoor fun, Stovehouse has that too! Both “The Booth” and “The Canteen” are mood-lit, fully heated venues equipped with satellite Pourhouse bars that allow you to sit, mingle, and dine without ever paying a cover charge. You can also catch some stellar performances from Huntsville artists and bands.

In January, Stovehouse will be debuting another area of the development called “The Shed”. It’s a covered industrial patio with the historic Martin Stove mural wall as a backdrop. It will offer both heat and AC, an additional stage, sound, theatrical lighting, and be available for private parties!

Bands playing in The Booth building. Photo credit: @hsvphoto.
  1. Enjoy Live Music Anywhere On Campus—Including Indoors

Don’t worry about missing a moment of the live entertainment even when you venture indoors. Stovehouse makes sure to pump the music throughout the development so you catch every second of that awesome guitar solo.

The entire site is designed as an immersive experience. So whether you’re shopping at the Stovehouse Company Store, playing cornhole on the lawn, inside The Booth, or waiting in line for your meal, you’ll enjoy the same entertainment that those in the front row are experiencing.

  1. Charming Decorations & Classic Christmas Gifts

Currently, the campus is decorated for winter and adorned with massive holiday wreaths, colorful string lights, and tinsel.

Much of the vibe is vintage to pay homage to the site’s rich history. If you want to take unique photos this Christmas season, Stovehouse is a great place to do it.

Want another way to stay warm while enjoying the beautifully lit décor? Head over to the Stovehouse Company Store in the Food & Leisure Garden to pick up hot chocolate, coffee, and tea to sip under the stars or inside one of the heated venues.

There’s also plenty of Christmas finds and stocking stuffers at the store like old-fashioned candy, cream sodas, ornaments, trinkets, coffee mugs, and Stovehouse-branded apparel.

Lentil soup from Fresko Grille.
  1. Winter Menus & Drink Specials

Surely you didn’t think the many restaurants on-site would forget to bring in a little winter magic! This year there are plenty of specials to savor.

For instance, Pourhouse has a selection of warm adult beverages available throughout winter to keep guests snug. You can also relax inside Pourhouse’s comfortable chairs around the bar or underneath the heated covered patios outside.

At Mazzara’s Italian Kitchen, there are tons of comfort food options (think warm pastas and hot-from-the-oven eggplant parmesan) for cold afternoons and evenings. There’s also seating inside.

Fresko Grille is keeping people warm with several soups on rotation throughout the winter. While its staple soup, Lentil, will be available every week, other soups will make an appearance like Black Bean, Vegetable Quinoa, Classic Chicken Noodle, and Tomato. Guests can come back each week to sample a new one and try them all.

Oh Crêpe will be serving up its signature warm, savory crepes and Taqueria El Cazador has plenty of spicy items to combat the chilly weather.

  1. Festive Events

Speaking of photo opportunities, tomorrow (December 4th) between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., Stovehouse will unveil its “Classic Christmas Selfie Scene” accompanied by live music and free hot chocolate!

Take the perfect holiday photo while you grab scrumptious meals from one of the many food vendors, listen to piano tunes by Elizabeth Boulet, and cozy up by the fireplaces. It’s going to be a winter wonderland!

Stay tuned to Stovehouse on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on all of the events that will be happening throughout the winter season.

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